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I recently got the new CSI game, 3 Dimensions Of Murder and thought that Sara's voice sounded weird.

I checked the Credits (found via the Main Menu on the game) and the voice of Sara Sidle is done by Kate Savage.

Now, I thought Cath's voice basically sounded like her, but maybe a little off, but she ALSO has a different actress voicing her character on the game than on the show. Cath's voice was done by Edie Mirman.

I thought this was weird, Does anybody know why the two ladies don't have their "real voices"? (I wasn't sure how to word this, Sorry!)

Perhaps permission wasn't granted to Telltale to use their individual voices in the game.

Voice casting of the CSIs is actually handled by CBS and Ubisoft (Telltale casts the other characters). According to the designer of the game, Greg Land:

CBS and Ubisoft handle the casting of the show's stars, and are responsible for casting alternatives when one of them is unavaialble, for whatever reason. We were very happy to get all of the men. We'd love to work with everyone if we get to do it again...

It was a real pleasure getting to meet the stars and be a part of the recording sessions.

Interesting note - the Catherine soundalike is the "official soundalike" for Catherine on the show...

The full thread is here (this quote is on the second page).

Hope that helps answer the question. :)

EDIT: Sorry, I'm not sure why the quote is running all together as one paragraph like that. :(
toomuchovertime said:
I knew that didn't sound like Jorja.
Ha I know.

When I first heard it, I thought I was going crazy, but then I had my mom listen to it, and she said it didn't sound like her either...
Lol. It's impossible to mimic Jorja's voice. I heard that Sara sounded like a valley girl.

I don't think Eric did Greg's voice either.

I don't have the third game, only the first two, so i'm just going by what my friend who has the game said.
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Eric Szamanda did provide his voice for 3 Dimensions of Murder. You can easilly tell it's him. Bonus on the fourth case you get paired up with Greg.
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man I was disappointed when I heard it wasn't Jorja's real voice. I knew Marg's was off as well but it sounded quite the same, Jorja's voice isn't even alike :(