Caption Game #3 - Shipper Central Style

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Here is the winning caption. :cool:

Stella: What are you doing with my eyelash?:eek:

Adam: The guys and I have a bet. That this eyelash will have Mac's DNA proving that the two of you are playing naughty games in the closets.:devil:

Due to an earlier error with the voted caption a few games back, that had mjszud miss her turn. I'm going to pass mine to her.


mjszud, you have 24hrs to post the next Shippy Pic on any three of the CSI:Crossovers. Please remember to have at least one character from each show, and to name them.

Mia/NY Non stop
Manhattan Manhunt
Felony Flight

Have Fun:cool:
Mac: Calleigh... did you ever think we would be alone in this lab, while my passionate whispers fill your heart?:devil:

Calleigh: Mhm... and I can see me tossing you on the table and turning those whispers into screams, as I knee you, too.:evil:
Mac: Okay, so you've used Horatio as an example of what I SHOULDN'T do...

Calleigh: Yes...

Mac: Do you have anymore of you taking Danny for a test run? That one was fun

Calleigh: :wtf:
I'm going to leave this up for a few more days.;) I could use a few more captions.:cool:

*Leaves homemade cookies for all captioners and those who are undecided too*:shifty:
Calleigh: And thats what i saw when I logged in this morning...
Mac: Oh my..... I never knew stella was so flexible! or that janitor.....
Calleigh: I am never going in that office again.
Not open for further replies.