Bones #3: To Resist Is Futile

Body parts in a toilet? Good luck getting that kid to ever use the bathroom again.

"You're not getting anywhere near my cervix, Ms. Wick". :lol:

LOL at Booth's rant about Cappuncinos.

The prisoners were fighting all around Bones and she wasn't even worried.

She's gonna have the kid in a barn? Oooh... pretty horsie. :D

Christine Angela Booth. Her initials spell CAB. :) So, when is she gonna get to meet big brother Parker?
I enjoyed the episode, but Booth's dogmatic approach to Catholicism is wearing on me. But I do agree with Tempe that baptizing their daughter would give her a starting point for learning about theology. I wonder if having been used to DB as a way more sophisticated Angel makes it harder for me to accept him as someone locked into a rigid view of what God is and isn't.
Good episode last night. Although Finn and Michelle were a little too sappy in the way they spoke to each other. Loved Bones liking the pic of Christine's bowel movement that the daycare teacher sent her. I think Booth thought it was revenge for Bones sending the pic of the remains to her by accident LOL.

Michael is quite a bit older than Christine. Why is it that he didn't look much older in this episode?
Michael is quite a bit older than Christine. Why is it that he didn't look much older in this episode?

I am not sure. The baby that plays him is a cutie though. I loved this episode. The whole crazy coupon ladies had me laughing and of course, Bones was so good in those new mom moments. One thing I am loving about the show this season is the good balance of case and private life. I feel like I really get to know the characters.
Poor birdies and racoons. :(

"I know your body" heh.

Booth: Why don't you wear the green thingie?
Bones: It makes me look like a golf course. :guffaw:

Booth: Are you looking at her fruit? :lol:

Bones doesn't know who Selena Gomez is and thinks she's a doctor lol.
Loved Booth saying he got his belt to hold his pants up when the other guy said his was for some kind of fishing thing.

Parker was so sweet making that mobile for the baby. Loved her cute giggling and smiling when they turned it on. I'm glad Parker wasn't jealous of her or anything like they thought at first.
Parker making the mobile for his sister was so sweet. I loved Hodgins and his new machines. He was a little sinker figuring out a way to keep them. I also loved the Founders Day party. It looked like a good time.
Hodgins and Daisy cracked me up when they were spitting out the food lol.

Max with the baby was cute.

Brennan's book made into a movie. That's interesting... but why is the Brennan movie character a blonde instead of brunette like Brennan?
Bonesy? LOL!

"Cardiackle is not a word!" haha. It sounds like a combo of cardiac and ankle or something.

The actress passing out when they said it was a real dead body was amusing.

Loved Bones asking the one actor if he has a skill or whatever, why is he acting lol.

He made the guy sleep in a dog kennel? That's harsh.

"His belt buckle says 'kooky'". LOL.

LOL at Cam's hair in the movie still.

The heart background when B&B were kissing was kind of corny.

Loved the group's reaction when watching Cam's movie.

Season finale already? Was the killer in Christine's room? Yikes! I hope they don't have a cliffhanger where she or Bones are missing or something.
Okay I am sorry but Bones as a blonde, just doesn't work for me, and it really didn't look blonde as much as a blondish gray. Also made her look way older.
I get the idea behind it, she was in hiding but still, really go red something... or just a really light blondish brown but dang!!!!

BTW this ep was good for the new season, but honestly not their best, no bones showing confusion about something said, sweets was way to normal, it was like another cast was put in place of the orginial.

Next weeks from the previews looks like its gonna be funny..
I season premiere was good. I can't seem to like Ryan O'Neal as Bones dad. He just bugs me. I enjoyed the episode overall, but I do agree with Destiny, Bones as a blond was bad. She could not pull it off, but I am guessing it was not suppose to be perfect. She was on the run. Not like she is gonna care if it to look hot. I was glad when she changed it back.