Best of 2008

Re: Best of 2007

Film: Disturbia
Song: Marianas Trench - Shaketramp, Paramore - Misery Business
Album: Fix Me - Marianas Trench, Infinity On High - Fall Out Boy
Show: Chuck
Book: Harry Potter 7
Actor: Zachary Levi
Actress: Yvonne Strahovski
Couple: Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson (because she makes him happy :rolleyes:)
Break-up: Britney Spears and K-Fed
Screw Up: ...Britney Spears
Wedding: Gerard Way and Lyn-Z
Birth: Suri
Band: MCR, FOB, Marianas Trench, Paramore
Musician: Patrick Stump, Ray Toro
Feud: Nicole and Paris
Concert: Fall Out Boy @ The John Labatt Centre, November 17th.
Re: Best of 2007

Film: Elizabeth: The Golden Age
Song: Mathematics by Cherry Ghost
Album: Thirst For Romance by Cherry Ghost, Neon Bible by Arcade Fire, BSG Season 3 Soundtrack
Show: Battlestar Galactica, House
Book: The Darwin Awards by Wendy Northcutt
Actor: Edward James Olmos, Hugh Laurie
Actress: Mary McDonnell, Helen Mirren, Judi Dench, Cate Blanchett, Lisa Edelstein
Band: Arcade Fire, Cherry Ghost, Foo Fighters
Musician: KT Tunstall
Concert: Arcade Fire @ Nottingham Arena, 31st October 2007.
Re: Best of 2007

Film: Disturbia
Song: Somebody Else's Arm by Armor For Sleep
Album: Funeral for a Friend-Tales don't tell themselves
Show: Private Practice and Grey's season 3.
Book: none.
Actor: Tim Daly
Actress: Kate Walsh (who totally PWNS my heart!)
Band: Armor for Sleep, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Musician: Bryan Money
Concert: none
Re: Best of 2007

Fantastic Four ~ Rise Of The Silver Surfer
Pirates Of The Caribbean ~ At Worlds End
Hott Fuzz

Linkin Park ~ What I've Done
Avenged Sevenfold ~ Almost Easy

Arcade Fire ~ Neon Bible
Linkin Park ~ Minutes To Midnight
Avenged Sevenfold ~ Avenged Sevenfold
Nine Inch Nails ~ Year Zero


Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows

Shia LaBeouf! Yeah Baby!

Jessica Alba

Avenged Sevenfold

Trent Reznor

Lostprophets at Wembley Arena (London) on 22 Apr 2007
Muse at Wembley Stadium (London) on 17 Jun 2007
Re: Best of 2007

oh how i love questions like these!!


Film: Knocked Up
Song: "Call The Shots" by Girls Aloud
Album: "My December" by Kelly Clarkson, "Ten Feet High" by Andrea Corr, "Tangled Up" by Girls Aloud, "Back to Black" by Amy Winehouse
Show: CSI:NY (by a very big mile soley for "Snow Day"), 30 Rock, The Office, Pushing Daisies
Book: Basic Black by Cathy Black
Actor: Carmine Giovinazzo
Actress: Jorja Fox, Katherine Heigl, Jenna Fischer
Couple: tv couple Danny and Lindsay, real couple Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley
Screw Up: Brittney Spears
Band: Girls Aloud
Musician: Brandie Carlile, Graham Colton
Concert: Justin Timberlake live at Madison Square Garden (i was there and it was wicked!!)

Screw Up:
Same rules. What do you think? :)

My list:
Film: Iron Man
Song: Hollywood Undead - Black Dhalia
Album: -
Show: Private Practice
Book: -
Actor: -
Actress: Kate Walsh
Couple: Kate Walsh & Alex Young :(
Break-up: Madonna and Guy Richie
Screw-up: Everything about Britney Spears :D
Wedding: -
Birth: -
Band: Escape The Fate
Musician: the guitarist of Bullet For My Valentine (don't know his name)
Feud: -
Concert: -
Re: Best of 2006

Film: The Dark Knight
Song: Kings Of Leon - Use Somebody
Album: Sigur Ros - Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust/ Keane - Perfect Symetry/The Kooks - Konk
Show: Pushing Daisies/ CSI NY/ House
Actor: Johnny Depp
Actress: Maggie Gyegenhall
Couple: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
Band: Muse
Concert: Santana
Re: Best of 2006

Ooh, I wanna play:


Film:The Dark Knight
Song: Kings of Leon - Be somebody
Album: Daft Punk - Alive 2007 (although I think it's from last year :p)
Show: House MD, CSI: NY, Dexter
Actor: Colin Firth
Break-up: Madonna & Guy Ritchie
Concert: dEUS
Band: Ghinzu
Re: Best of 2006

Film: Iron Man
Song: Rock'n Roll Train- ACDC (I watched that Criminal Minds episode/promo too much...)
Album: Fearless- Taylor Swift
Show: Criminal Minds
Book: Harry, A History by Melissa Anelli (Yes, I am a geek. Deal.)
Actor: Thomas Gibson, William Petersen, Eddie Cahill
Actress: Melina Kanakaredes (I probably spelled it wrong...), Emmanuelle Vaugier, Paget Brewster
Couple: Don't Care
Break-up: Don't Care
Screw Up: Not finding a way to get Rachel Weisz back for the third Mummy (Maybe I'm bitter. We may never know...); Trying to make Twilight a good movie, without actually making it a good movie; Setting it up so that High School Musical 4 can be made, without the characters that made it famous :rolleyes: (okay, so the last one isn't technically a screwup, but it is in my mind)
Wedding: There were weddings? (See the trend of what I watch and what I don't?)
Birth: AJ Cook's child, because I admit I'm biased. (*points to favorite show*)
Band: Sugarland
Musician: Carrie Underwood
Feud: Rosie vs. anyone else, since anyone that can attempt to make her shut up is my favorite person ever
Concert: Haven't been to anything remotely like a concert since I went to Rent in January.
Re: Best of 2006

Film: The Dark Knight
Album: -
Show: Criminal Minds
Book: -
Actor: Heath Ledger
Actress: -
Couple: Gerard Way/Lyn-Z
Break-up: Madonna and Guy Richie
Screw Up: Heidi and Spencer Pratt, ugh.
Wedding: Frank Iero and Jamia Nestor :D
Birth: AJ Cook's baby :)
Band: Cobra Starship/Escape The Fate
Musician: Taylor Swift
Feud: -
Concert: I heard MSI and LM was good.
Re: Best of 2006

Film: Changeling
Song: Spaceman-The Killers
Album: Day and Age-The Killers or Viva La Vida-Coldplay
Show: CSI (duh) or House MD
Book: -
Actor: Heath Ledger
Actress: Anne Hathaway or Angelina Jolie
Couple: -
Break-up: -
Screw-up: Anything related to Twilight.
Wedding: -
Birth: -
Band: Coldplay
Musician: Jason Mraz
Feud: -
Concert: -
Re: Best of 2006

Film: Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Burn After Reading and The Dark Night
Song: Single Ladies (Put a ring on it) - Beyonce (Can't get this out of my head!!!)
Album:Britney Spears - Circus (leave me alone... She's fierce:p)
Show: 30 Rock, Family Guy
Book: Nothing written by Stephanie Myers
Actor: Alec Bldwin (You can't spell his name without 'win'!), Neil Patrick Harris, George Clooney, and I want to say Seth Macfarland because he's hilarious. Although I don't know if voice actors count.
Actress: Tina Fey (As a comic I can say with confidence that she is one of my hero's)
Couple: -
Break-up: -
Screw Up: Twilight and everything related to it.
Wedding: -
Birth: All I know is Gwen Stefani had a child and named it Zuma... poor child.
Band: Flight of the Conchords
Musician: -
Feud: The one between Alec Baldwin and the creator of My Name is Earl because that's the only one I know of.
Film: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Song:Crack the Shutters - Snow Patrol
Show: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Book: -
Actor: Brad Pitt
Actress: Marg Helgenberger
Couple: Marg Helgenberger & Alan Rosenberg :(
Break-up: -
Screw-up: -
Wedding: -
Birth: Anne Dudek's baby
Band: Keane
Film: The Dark Knight/Twilight
Song: Hot N Cold--Katy Perry
Album: Dreaming Out Loud--OneRepublic
Show: NCIS/The Mentalist
Book: Breaking Dawn--Stephenie Meyer
Actor: Robert Pattinson
Actress: Tina Fey
Couple: John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston...or Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson
Break-up: Anna Hathaway and Rafaello Follieri
Screw-up: Elliot Spitzer or Rod Blagojevich
Wedding: Jenna Bush and Henry Hager...they're cute
Birth: Sunday Rose (Nicole Kidman and Kieth Urban) or Nahla Ariela (Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry)
Band: Coldplay or OneRepublic
Musician: Sara Bareilles
Feud: I honestly tried not to pay attention...
Concert: Didn't go to any...
Film: The Dark Knight, Hancock, Iron Man, Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Song: *Actually my favorite song of 2008 is a song that keeps playing on a video game my husband plays * It's called Voices and it's by Rev Theory.
Album: (None)
Show: CSI Vegas, CSI NY, Smallville, Supernatural
Book: (None)
Actor: Jensen Ackles, Heath Ledger
Actress: (None)
Couple: Ashlee Simpson/Pete Wentz
Break-up: (None)
Screw Up: 90210 ... just no ...
Wedding: (None)
Birth: My Neice :D
Band: Maroon 5
Musician: Dierks Bentley
Feud: (None)
Concert: Best one for me was Dierks Bentley.