For anyone interested, this one premiers tonight! The pilot was a little confusing when I first saw it, so I will definitely watch again. I think it adds an interesting twist to the crime procedural formula, and the acting is exemplary. I highly recommend it. :)
I hope it does good, because I’m gonna watch it. Most of the new shows that I’ve started watching this year flopped (The Firm, Alcatraz, The River…). :rolleyes:
I hope it does good, because I’m gonna watch it. Most of the new shows that I’ve started watching this year flopped (The Firm, Alcatraz, The River…). :rolleyes:
I hear ya, HP. And you can add Terra Nova and Prime Suspect to that list. None of them have lived up to expectations. But Awake has real potential. Here's hoping NBC has some success with this one.
What station is this one supposed to be on?

NBC. I sure hope this is better than The Firm and Alcatraz. It's got Cherry Jones (24) and BD Wong (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit), so that's saying something good to me.
I thought it was far from boring. But I will admit the shrink interviews affected the flow to some extent. Though, I think they were necessary to establish the premise of the show; I'm anticipating less of those in future episodes.
I think it has a lot of potential. The problem is many viewers aren't all that patient. I will definitely give this one more looks and hope for the best!
I found the premise to be very unsettling. It hits close to home: sometimes dreams seem so real. If my dreams always followed logical patterns and continued a story night after night, I, too, might be wondering which "reality" is the real one. Not sure if I'm drawn in enough to continue watching.
Wow. I just watched all the episodes this weekend and I gotta say- it's AWESOME. I wasn't sure what to expect, and was worried that the bouncing from reality to reality would be tiresome... and it's totally not. What an amazing show. I hope it lasts, but I don't have high hopes. What a shame that it's been slotted in at the second half of the season and not very ceremoniously. It's really one of the better new shows I've seen this season.
Glad to see you like it. It really is a great show, but, unfortunately, not enough people are watching. I think it may be hurt by going up against The Mentalist.
Jason Isaacs is awesome, and the mixing of the two worlds is really well done. The pace is good, and I'm not as confused as I was initially. :)
I'd love to see it continue and be renewed. Fingers crossed.
Yeah, the pacing is perfect. I think that was what concerned me specifically, as it pertains to the reality-switching. However, the show has perfect flow. The writing is amazing, and as expected, Jason Isaacs is amazing. Personally, I'd put this up with Person of Interest (which I love) in terms of best new dramas.

Coincidentally, I've tried a couple times to get into The Mentalist but it just wasn't happening. As much as I like Simon Baker as an actor, I just couldn't enjoy his character at all.
It’s a shame that this show will be cancelled. I like it, a lot. :(

AND holy crap, I just realized that the main guy from this show, Jason Isaacs, is Lucius Malfoy in Harry Potter...LOL. :thumbsup:
Yeah, I'm sad as well about the ratings. It's such an interesting fantasy twist on a crime procedural. And the acting is top notch. Jason Isaacs is awesome, and I could listen to BD Wong's psycho-babble for hours. :hugegrin:
I'm still not sure where the show is headed, or what's involved in the conspiracy theory, but I hope we get some answers before it ends.
I'm going to watch and enjoy while it lasts, and try not to think about the ratings and probable cancellation. Next week's episode looks awesome!