Arrested Development

“ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT is an underappreciated slice of comedic perfections, its writing so good as to be staggering and the acting both subtle and wildly physical, a meshing of words and deeds we haven’t seen since…’Seinfeld.’ ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT is far and away the best sitcom on broadcast television…"
“…it came into the world…fully formed, as clearly smart and stunningly well-crafted as any sitcom ever has…a dazzling creative achievement.”
“…pants-wettingly funny…There are jokes and scenarios that bend you over in gleeful agony…the most hysterically ridiculous half hour on television.”

One of the smartest comedies ever to be aired on television. Usually compared with The Office, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Entourage, Scrubs, etc.

Single camera shots, brilliant plotlines, and the funniest cast one could put together on a fantabulous show, as well as the winner of numerous awards.

It's enough to make one wonder why anyone ever let it get cancelled... :confused:
Because FOX treated it like crap and most people would rather be spoonfed the same dumb jokes over and over again than to watch something smart and original. That show has pretty much ruined all other comedies for me. I loved it like George Michael loved Maeby.

FOX executives gave them bad marketing and didn't explain the concept of the show.
You do need to watch it from the start to get it. But yeah.
There is talk about a movie.
ShowTime was originally going to pick them up, but Michael Hurwitz wasn't going to Executive Produce it anymore even if they did, even though the cast readily was willing to sign up, so I think that's still pending.
I love GOB :/
I haven't heard anything about a movie besides the end of the finale which I took as a sort of joke about the fact that they were getting cancelled. I don't remember the exact phrasing but at the very end he said he didn't think it would work as a show but maybe a movie. Who knows though.
Sorry, maybe that was sort of vague; I haven't heard anything about a movie. Nothing. I'm guessing all the murmurings of a movie stem from the final scene in the finale where Maeby is pitching the story of her family (or Arrested Development) to Ron Howard and he says it won't work as a series but maybe as a movie. I thought it was a joke on the series getting cancelled, especially since I haven't heard anything else about it.
I was disappointed to hear the show had been canceled.

As hysterical as I found the series, I never knew when it was on. It was poorly marketed and whenever people finally figured out what night it was on, they'd go ahead and move it to another night. Ah well, guess I'll just stick to my DVDs. :(
Aww it sucks this show got the axe. I thought it was one of the more smarter comedies on tv, not to mention one of the funniest. Gob and Michael were always made me laugh.
There's a small glimmer of hope that we'll all see the Bluths again, and not just in reruns on DVDs. In an interview with TVGuide, actress Alia Shawkat ("Maeby") confirmed that there is talk of doing an Arrested Development movie. She didn't say a lot--probably because the interview was actually about her role in an upcoming Lifetime movie--but she did say that creator Mitch Hurwitz is in talks with Ron Howard about moving to the big screen. That was all hinted at in the series finale when Shawkat's character tried to sell the rights to the Bluth's story to Howard.

there are other sources as well that say something here and there about a movie idea. i even spotted Tony Hale on E! Live from the Red Carpet saying that a movie is a likely possibility. although im not sure how theyll pull it off what with everyone going their separate ways and doing different shows. but im pretty sure theyd make time for it.
The show got cancelled!!
That is such a bummer!!
I love this show..One of my all-time favs....
I didn't know the it got cancelled!We just finished wathching season two about a month ago here in sinagapore