Any Good Google/You Tube Videos.

Just sharing these two videos with you all. Usually I'm not big on talent shows, but these two - goosebumps all over.

First up is this gorgeous little six-year-old singing "Somewhere over the Rainbow". My mum is a classically trained operate singer - she says that for someone this age, a voice like this is very, very rare.

Next up is a mobile phone salesman who wants to sing opera. With this voice - he can.
Go to and type in: MADtv - Grey's Anatomy / House M.D. Crossover Parody

It cracked me up. I'm still laughing. :D
I wish I could put up links to the "Angry Video Game Nerd" and the "Games That Suck" series, but unfortunately they are laced with obscenities, so I cannot post the links for those. However, I will say that these videos will really appeal to anyone who lived in the NES genre, especially those who have played their share of crap games.