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    I was just watching a repeat of The Two Mrs. Grissoms and it got me thinking about CSI episodes in general: some are good, some are great, and some are absolutely mind-blowingly spctacular. Then I started wondering which episodes the people on here would class in the 'mind-blowingly spectacular' category and why, so I figured we could each pick around three episodes, give or take, from any or all of the shows, and then give a short reason as to why we love them so much.

    Personally, I'm probably forgetting some, but the three best episodes I can think of right now:

    3. Living Legend (CSI: LV, 7x09)

    Not a special episode in any way, but just a regular episode that I felt went above and beyond CSI's usual standards. I love any episode that deals with the whole Las Vegas mobs/gangsters kind of thing, I just find that absolutely fascinating and there were all kinds of classic CSI twisty bits in this episode too, even if most of them were given away in the synopsis. I also loved the little mini-story involving a sixteen-year-old Catherine and the little amount of backstory she got here. All in all, one of the most interesting cases CSI's had over the years.

    2. Field Mice (CSI: LV, 10x18)

    A lot of people have criticized this episode for being silly and pointless, but I actually really liked it (as I do all the lab rat episodes.) I found Wendy, Hodges and Henry to all be very believable, both when they were with the kids and interacting with each other. Plus, I totally identify with the Crime Cadets girl (why don't they exist in the UK? >.>) The kiss at the end is fifty shades of adorable, as is this conversation between Wendy and Hodges:

    Wendy: I'm going to try a magnetic bead seperation. It works best for getting results from inhibited surfaces.
    Hodges: If the inhibited surface is a negative, then it needs a strong positive to draw it out.
    Wendy: Yeah. It also needs an outside agent to activate the... attraction.
    Hodges: Couldn't the outside agent contaminate the entire process?
    Wendy: No, it's not strong enough. In fact it's really only there to get things started.
    Hodges: Sounds like a delicate process.
    Wendy: Mmm. It is.
    Hodges: One that requires... a lot of patience.
    Wendy: It's worth it. Because once the two are bound together... everything else is left behind.

    1. Leave Out All The Rest (CSI: LV, 9x05)

    I knew right from the beginning with Sara that this was going to be a pretty spectacular episode, and I wasn't disappointed. It's definitely bitterswet in places, but I think all the actors did a great job with the emotions in those scenes. I love Lady Heather as a character, and I've seen all her episodes several times over, but in this the dynamic between her and Grissom has totally shifted: she's helping him rather than the other way around. And it's one of the few times we see Grissom like a real person with feelings and emotions rather than someone untouchable who's always hiding in his shell.

    And, of course, the song is one of my absolute favourites, which doesn't hurt.

    (Okay, so I know I said short reasons... I just get a bit carried away talking about these things. >.>)
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    Woah, new person on TalkCSI forums. If you aren't new, then I'm sorry. I come on sporadically so I'm never really sure who's new or not. You must be British...your spelling of favorite gave you away.

    Favorite episodes:
    - Bloodlines (Another great episode. Easily one of the best finales in CSI history.)
    - Fannysmackin' (Made me care about Greg again)
    - Lady Heather's Box (Best line ever, "You have beautiful lips." delivered in that innocent nerdy way that Grissom has.)
    - You Kill Me (Best episode of CSI in my opinion even without Sara in it.)
    - Invisible Evidence (I love episodes when the CSIs are in a time crunch.)
    - Dead Ringer (The beginning sequence makes the whole episode.)
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    I have a lot of episodes which I could consider my favourite, each of them interchange really depending on my mood so I'll just note the episodes I'd consider "A+" episodes in my eyes:

    1x09 Unfriendly Skies - Really good team episode, I like the revelation the twist that all of them were responsible in some way, love the re-enactment, "go ahead honey, save my life," and of course the final scene at the end discussing how far they'd go. Really shows the differences between the characters on the team.

    2x14 The Finger - Cath being 'kidnapped' and leaving clues for the rest of the team, Cath ruining Sara's date, the twist that it was all a big cover-up (this was one of the last episodes I saw, and even then it still was a huge surprise!), superbly written episode.

    3x23 Inside the Box - My favourite season finale, the team investigates the death of one of their own, really interesting case, Cath finds out Sam Braun is her father, Grissom showing compassion to Greg, Cath being put in charge, Gil going in for ear surgery. An episode which combined both a fascinating case and great character moments.

    5x10 No Humans Involved - Really, really sad episode, Greg's reaction to the dumpster body, Sara's subsequent involvement in case, Cath settles into her leadership role, Warrick's feud with the warden, love the end scene showing the team interactions despite them being split up.

    5x11 Who Shot Sherlock? - Greg passes his proficiency test, amazing crime scene and a nice classic 'who dunnit?' case, fun and light-hearted B-case, gello-man experiment, the team celebrate Greg passing is one of those rare happy-ending moments to an episode. Overall a fantastic episode.

    5x19 4x4 - Really well-written episode, "taco-stand case", "Gosh, I saw everything", Nick's case of the boy in the tumble drier. Odd mixture of light-heartedness, serious and tragedy in one episode. Brilliantly made.

    6x21 Rashomama - Absolutely hilarious, funniest episode of CSI yet in my opinion, the flashback scenes, "bridal diapers", the toast, "how do you like your new ride pimp?", an episode which continues to make me laugh throughout.

    7x04 Fannysmackin' - Greg beaten up, Sara comforting Greg, Grissom's visit to hospital, Nick punching Pig, "I want the rest of the Mickey Mouse Club", disturbing in the sense the teens show no remorse whatsoever, love the ending scene discussing morality in Vegas. This one hits me close to home especially as I know someone who was simply beaten up because they thought it 'would be fun.' Nice team episode.

    9x01 For Warrick - Team comes back together for Warrick's death, McKeen brought to justice, "A miss", Grissom's eulogy. Overall a really sad episode but one which is excellently written.

    10x09 Appendicitement - Another really hilarious episode, Henry's birthday "treat", continuation of Dr Jekyll, Bountiful Panda dies in interrogation, "uh oh", overall a hilarious episode, one of CSI's finest and out-of-the-ordinary.

    10x21 Lost & Found - Brilliant Brass episode, disturbing and fascinating case, really great twist at the end, pretty devastating but really well written episode overall.

    So yeah, I went a little overboard as well but I really do like writing about the episodes I really like/dislike. If I had to pick favourites out of that list I'd probably go for "Who Shot Sherlock?", "Rashomama" and "Unfriendly Skies" but as I said before, that constantly changes and there are loads which just miss out in the top category in my opinion.

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