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Discussion in 'General CSI Discussion' started by Mac&Adam Fan, Nov 23, 2012.

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    For those who watch both shows I have been thinking about this:

    I don't watch Vegas much but how much air-time do the actors seem to get? Does it seem like Ted and Elizabeth get more than the other actors? Does it seem like some are getting less airtime than last year?

    For NY, I kinda think some of the actors get way less airtime than they did last year. I don't feel like AJ and Hill are even on the show anymore because you see them two times and that's it. AJ did have one episode where he did get facetime but that's it.

    Do you think some of the NY cast get less airtime than they did last year?
  2. mulder42

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    It's really hard to say, Mac&Adam Fan. You're right--AJ & Hill get very little screen time. It seems sometimes Hill was on the air more in the first season when he was still the ME. :rolleyes: If the storyline is now specifically about them, they're hardly around.

    On CSI, I do think that Elisabeth is getting WAY TOO MUCH airtime. The last episode that I saw last night On Demand, was centered around Greg, and we only saw Lisa in one quick scene with Ted. I really liked that episode. :) If only TPTB on both Vegas & New York would give them more screentime, people could really see how talented these underused performers actually are. Both shows are probably not going to be on much's now or never. :(
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    I can't speak for NY much but Vegas is very much dominated by Ted, who's head and shoulders above the rest of the cast in terms of screen time. Most of the cast have had a very character-centric episode to boost up their airtime but vary wildly when it's not their episode.

    George, Jorja and Lisa probably get similar amounts of screentime. Lisa's had two major episodes but has been in the background quite a bit whereas George and Jorja have been relatively consistent throughout. Paul, Eric, Elisabeth and Wally haven't had that much to work with really and Doc, Dave and Henry haven't made much of an appearance.

    It's great that everyone's been given a chance to shine and all, but I think I'd prefer it to go back to the team format and having everyone with reasonably similar screentime. Ted must surely be due a break at some point in the near future! :lol:
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    I agree, speaking for LV, screen time is definitely dominated by Ted Danson... All other characters get secondary screen time but every season they'll have an episode where they get to shine.
    I'm curious as to how they'll divvy up on screen time in the crossover, or whose screen time they'll end up cutting..
  5. Criminalist

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    Maybe last season Ted, and Elizabeth got more air time,but that was so that we could get to know the characters.
    Last weeks episode Ted really wasn't in it. I think that the
    writers are trying to give each character equal time, and I also think that we'll start to see more team work.
    As far as NY goes, I haven't seen any difference.

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