A Better Rain ~ Catnip

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    Disclaimer: Guess what I own nothing!

    I hope you enjoy it!

    'A Better Rain'

    “Damn it… Nick, PULL over,” Catherine shouted as she clung onto the handle inside the Denali. The last time she was stuck in a nasty downpour was when Lindsey nearly drowned in Eddie’s car. Now here she was stuck in the passenger seat lacking any sort of control as Nick drove the vehicle nervously with his face plastered ridiculously close to the windshield. She could see his eyes straining as his fists clung tightly to the steering wheel to keep the Denali in between the white lines.

    “I’m trying to concentrate here. Do you mind?”

    “On WHAT… Getting us killed? Catherine questioned as she snorted in his direction.

    “I can’t see the road that we need to turn off on. I don’t know if I’ve passed it.”

    “Are you kidding,” Catherine started as she looked at him with frustration. “Are you saying we are lost?” Just their luck, that Grissom would hand them an assignment on the outskirts of Las Vegas on a night with horrid weather. The rain seemed to have a mind of its own as it pelted the windshield side ways before the wind howled and caused the rain to drift more to a downwards direction. “SO we are LOST in the middle of nowhere in the pouring rain?”

    “NO, I’m sure the turn off is up here,” Nick whispered as his eyes squinted into small slits. They came to a flashing yellow light, and Nick slowed the SVU down to turn left. “This must be it.”

    Catherine shook her head as she rolled her eyes. She knew she should have driven or paid attention to the directions earlier, but she was too focused on her conversation with Lindsey at the time. About a mile later, the road continued to turn and wind into the middle of nowhere. “Leave it to a man to get me lost! You know I’m self sufficient and I should have argued with you about driving.”

    “Women... always thinking they can do things better. You want to take over? Be my guest,” Nick shouted as he slammed on the breaks bringing the Denali to a rocky stop.

    “You’re an arrogant ass,” Catherine growled as she yanked on her seatbelt in fury. Opening her car door, she stepped out into the maddening rain as she glared at him. Before she knew it, Nick was suddenly next to her in the pouring rain in front of the vehicle. “What the hell is your problem?” He shouted as the rain turned more vicious.

    “Nothing, life is great,” Catherine started as she threw her hands up into the wet air. “I mean we are lost in the middle of nothingness in the pouring rain.”

    “It’s more than that and you know it. What the HELL did I do for you to act like a royal bitch to me all day?” Her mouth opened in hurt as her eyes turned glassy as she took a step away from him. Her chest tightened as the pain tore through her sole. She had loved him since day one, but fear had always held her back. Fear that he would hurt her just as easily as Eddie had.
    She could no longer handle the tension that was stirring, so she turned away from the car and took off in a mad rush. The wind no longer stirring her hair because it was now plastered to her head as the rain came down in huge pellets. Her clothing was soaked, and her white tank top clung to her body like second skin.

    “Where are... where the HECK are you going? Catherine don’t be stupid!” He charged after her, grabbing her arm in the process and turned her around. Her chest was heaving as she stared at him with wanting. It wasn’t lustful wanting, but a wanting deep within that filled her with such trepidation she lost herself in the process. How could he not know? How could he not see the affects he had on her? She was slowly drowning in love for him that it panged her to breathe.

    “Get back in the car.”


    “This is ridiculous. We are STANDING in the pouring rain.” His grip on her arm tightened as he pulled her closer. “You aren’t thinking clearly.”

    Her world stopped from the closeness they were sharing. Her head turned cloudy as her mind spun out of control. She was loosing her footing or worse she knew she had already lost it with him. “YOU! It takes me standing in pouring rain for you to notice that I’m not thinking clearly. I stare at you and I’m instantly lost. Lost in the desire of what I desperately have always wanted from you,” Catherine went on rambling without even realizing. “I have it bad for you. How I’ve managed to contain if for so long… I… I don’t know. But, I can’t hold it in anymore because it’s eating at me. It hurts too much to watch you with other women. It hurts to know or see that you don’t feel the same way,” she ducked her head as her chin quivered.

    He stood still with his mouth open, and for the first time in a very long time Catherine felt incredibly vulnerable. Her heart felt shattered at her own confession as he remained quiet. “God, I’m sorry,” Catherine whispered as she turned and headed back to the Denali. Not really sure if she was apologizing more to Nick or herself for outing herself to such a degree. Eyes’ shutting briefly in utter humiliation, Catherine was not expecting what happened next.

    Her mouth opened in shock as she felt his hand as it wrapped around her waist turning her around. His eyes searched hers briefly before his mouth plunged down on hers. Her reaction was slow as she tried to keep up with his feral kiss, but her mind was stuck on the feeling of his lips touching hers. He kissed her senseless as he pulled her body closer to his and molded her perfectly into his hard toned body. His mouth turned more demanding as her lips parted and he took full control of her mouth.

    Her skin broke out in goose bumps from the electricity that was coursing through her body. The feel of the cold rain only helped stir the storm that was tearing through her. His mouth trailed down to her pulse point, and her knees went weak. A small moan emitted through her lips as she leaned her head back giving Nick more access. She felt as his hands gripped her waist more possessively as his thumbs left wet trails along the skin of her hips just below the hem of her tank top. Her body was positively reacting to his gentle touches and immeasurably, she felt a loss as his mouth pulled away from her neck.

    His eyes seemed to glide down her face and rested on her shirt; her very wet shirt that happen to cling desperately to her body. Her heart skipped a beat as she firmly held his attention. She realized then that her choice of bra to wear under the shirt was probably not the best while wet. Usually lace while wet didn’t hide much, and considering she was wearing a white shirt and a white bra she knew he was probably getting quiet a view.

    His head ducked from her view as his mouth kissed a spot on her chest, and her eyes closed to the touch. She felt his own reaction to her when his heat pressed into her stomach as his hands traveled up her sides taking her shirt with it before they went back down to her hips. He was slowly cherishing her body, and she was lost in the moment until she felt material being wrapped around her shoulders. Looking down to her surprise, he had draped his jacket around her shoulders. His now dry blue buttoned up shirt was getting drenched in the unforgiving rain.

    His mouth found her lips once again as his fingers intertwined with hers pulling her back towards the vehicle. Once inside the cab of the SVU, Catherine shivered as she waited for Nick to enter. He was such a gentleman, and her heart swelled at his caring gentle side. He climbed in quickly and raked his hand through his beaded hair as Catherine sat shivering but motionless. “You’re freezing,” Nick whispered as he rested his hand on her jeans soaked with water. Truth was she wasn’t shaking just from her damp clothes; he was a majority of the reason. His hand left her thigh to touch her face as she looked away. “Catherine?”

    She lowered her head as her cheeks tinted to a sharper red. “That was… some kiss,” Catherine started as a small smile spread on her face. “But, I can’t do this with you. My feelings are too strong for anything but something epic.”

    “I don’t just take kissing someone lightly. I love you. There I said it. I don’t think you can even realize how hard it was for me to not ravish you out there,” Nick whispered as his finger traveled over the softness of her lips. “It wouldn’t be fair of me to take advantage of one of your vulnerable moments.”

    “I don’t… think I’d complain,” Catherine mumbled as her eyes drifted shut just from his simple touch. Her body felt alive and renewed as he leaned forward kissing her lips with a smile.

    “You’re beautiful,” he whispered as he claimed her mouth with his, and his tongue swirled delicately in her mouth taking in the taste of her. Reluctantly pulling away, he smiled at her as she grabbed his hand and traced her fingers over his.

    “So what are we?” Catherine managed as she gave Nick a look of confusion.

    “We are an us,” Nick grinned as he winked at Catherine before turning the Denali around. “I guess sometimes when you get lost it can be beneficial.”
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    I'm not a catnip shipper, but I really like this.
    Good job Waiting. ;)
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    Love it :) Is there more?
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    Same here. I really did enjoy the fic, despite the fact that it's not my ship. :) Good job! :)
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    Catnip FTW :) --- yeah I agree with Melly, is there more? There should be more, you know that right?
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    I'm not a catnip fan, but this was fun! Thanks for sharing :)
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    Awesome job. I hope you write more. I can't believe I just found this today!! :thumbsup:

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