1vs1 Challenges Th.#3 Challenge #35 - Results

Re: 1vs1 Challenges Th.#3 Challenge #31 - Results!

Congrats to all the winners, and thanks csifann1 for the challenge, your icon was fabulous!:D
Re: 1vs1 Challenges Th.#3 Challenge #31 - Results!

Wow! Awesome jobs, everyone! And thanks to Egeria, CSIFann1 and GNRFan for the challenges!
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great icons people congrats
Axelsonfire and Starzgirl - thanks for the challenge!
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Congrats to the winners!

happyharper, I'm honoured to have done so well against you. When I saw your icon I thought 'thats it, I'm toast'! :lol:

Smokey, thanks for a fabulous cap and a great challenge!

Shazza, thanks for the challenge, it was fun and I actually learned a new technique! :D
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New challenge break - please go here for details.
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Thanks for the challenges Kaila, Kelly and Kristine. :D All of your icons were totally fab, well done especially to you Kristine, your icon was all together awesome. :D

I just want to say a big thanks to Carrie for counting up the votes and posting the winners for me, you're a total star hun. *Hugs.*
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Are you ready??? *Note - you and your partner may do 100x100 or 140x140 icons. You will decide that*

Challenge #32 starts...Now!

The rules (borrowed from previous challenges)

There has been some confusion during the previous challenges as to how many challenges each participant can do, I've been quite lenient up to now, but it's been getting kinda of crazy, so I'm going to limit each participant to 2 challenges.

Please PM me, Adorable_Crazy, with all the necessary stuff. If you're new and can't send PMs, e-mail me at my hotmail address, (sjordan91 @ hotmail.co.uk [remove the spacing]), make sure you use the same subject as PMs, so I know not to delete it. You know it already, but again - please set up your PMs the following way:

1st PM:

Subject: 1v1 challenge: The Challenge,#32 ***Please make sure this is a link from your photobucket account or image shack account and not from a site like Random Scribblings. I do not want technical difficulties this round! It is important that I get this photo!


Any restrictions?:

Picture: (URL and/or image. Preferably both)

Icon size: 100x100 or 140x140

2nd PM:

Subject: 1v1 challenge#32 The Icon - please make sure it is sized to what you and your challenger have decided
URL and /or image for the icon
(I really prefer both, but for those people who cannot post images - the URL is absolutely fine ) If you cannot PM - please see my profile for other alternatives.
PLEASE make sure you get your icon turned in on time....if it will be late - please let me know ASAP.

I'll give you time to enter your icons, till Friday 11th September, 10pm GMT. I would like a minimum of five challenges, but will increase it as necessary - around 10 would be nice.

Any questions about the rules? Check out the first post of Cinegirl, and if you still have questions as always feel free to PM me!

Re: 1vs1 Challenges Th.#3 Challenge #31 - Results!

FallenForFlack, I'll challenge you!

And I'm up for one more if anyone wants to challenge me.
Re: 1vs1 Challenges Th.#3 Challenge #32 - Now Open!

I'm up for two :D

OMG, all challenges are getting started, the work is gonna start again ,yay :hugegrin: