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  1. ButterFlied92

    The Fury of Love - CatNip RP

    Nick stopped for a moment, not quite sure how to answer her question. 'Exclusive,' he thought, playing the word over. "Do you want to be?" He looked down at her, and the way her hair rolled off her shoulders reminded him of a golden sea. His heart raced, making his fingers want to dance and move...
  2. ButterFlied92

    The Fury of Love - CatNip RP

    “How did I lose my senses with this case, Nick? I walked into that interrogation room certain that he was INNOCENT. I never questioned he was in fact guilty.” Nick listened as her voice trailed off. Gently tugging on her elbow to motion her to turn to him, he couldn’t help but loose himself in...
  3. ButterFlied92

    The Fury of Love - CatNip RP

    First, I'd like to thank Lostladyknight for filling in for me while my life was, as Waiting described, hectic. It was personal and she filled in for me in a time of need. Hopefully, she will be able to become a full time poster here on FOL as a main character. As to which one, the three of us...
  4. ButterFlied92

    The Fury of Love - CatNip RP

    Nick staggered to gain his balance again as Catherine threw herself onto him. His arms settled naturally around her waist and cradled her head in the crook of his neck. He quickly started to feel his nerves twisting into a knot, fearing that the twisted man behind the letters was watching them...
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    Icon Challenge #22: Shrek 2 - WINNERS UP!

    Re: Icon Challenge #22: Shrek 2 01 16 02
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    Travel Thread

    I just got back last week from going on a tour in Italy. We visited Rome, Sorrento, Capri, Florence, Venice, and a bunch of little towns famous for various reasons on the way. I went to Canada and Mexico before too when I was younger.
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    **Tetris Wars**

    Wow, I'm becoming addicted to Tetris. My first score... Level 9 Lines 81 Score 23,498
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    What Are You Reading? - #2

    For summer reading, I just finished reading Jodi Picoult's My Sister's Keeper. I was very touched by the thought-provoking details of the matter of today's "designer babies" or children just conceived to be a donor to another sibling. The characters were very realistic to me and the...
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    The Secrets Thread

    Cool thread. My secrets, let's see, uh... - I have a Social Anxiety Disorder. People always ask me why I get my migranes and talk fast and I can never sit still. I just tell them genetics screwed me over, because I'm embarassed to tell people because I'm afraid they'll really think I'm a freak...
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    Season 8 Wishlist

    Re: Season 8 Wishlist I must agree. Even my own ship is getting boring and out of character. Catherine, like it was said before, was acting juvenile this season and it was just unbearable. And I'm with you, Clarrisani, I'm hoping against hope that Greg and Sara will be sent to San Fransisco...
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    CSI: Hangman #8

    I'll take an I please? BTW, is this a Las Vegas quote?
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    From the Mouth of High School

    Allright, so me and assumenothing are in the same English class, it's ridiculous! Mostly because of me, but, yeah... English - Mrs S. : Allright, write down some imagery for injustice. Rachel: (five minutes later, whispering) Injustice smells like blood on hot concrete. Me: Rachel, who'd you...
  13. ButterFlied92

    CSI: Hangman #8

    And I'll take an E please?
  14. ButterFlied92

    Quotes you WON'T hear - Pt 2

    Okay, I'm being completely random and popping in here. (Grissom and Brass are watching Natalie in the interrogation room through the one-way mirror. Natalie gets up and starts dancing in front of the mirror, singing.) Natalie: Hey hey, you you, I don't like your girlfriend. No way, no way, I...
  15. ButterFlied92

    Season 8 Wishlist

    Re: Season 8 Wishlist Yeah, even though I like GSR, they do work together too much. And I think the writer's excuse for Nick and Greg not working together would probably be, "Grissom feels that they're not ready to work together/not mature enough/afraid of something happening/etc." or some...
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    CSI Pyramid

    Good job, CSI_CSI! You're next!
  17. ButterFlied92

    CSI Pyramid

    No, not that either. :) I hope it's not too hard.
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    CSI Match Game S5: Get ready to __________ the stars!!!

    A. straw broom(??) B. sloth
  19. ButterFlied92

    CSI Pyramid

    No not quite..and btw, I placed One Hit Wonder in there by mistake. It's supposed to be Strip Strangler. Sorry about that.