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    CSI: NY Season 4 Spoilers! Discussion in the Big Apple

    It would be awesome if some of Sid's family showed up. I am interested in seeing Gerrard, not because I like him, but because I love to hate him and I think his presence lends some authenticity to the power struggles that happen in RL police work. A side note, I am also creeped out by the dead...

    NY Forum Trip to Los Angeles: Year Two!

    I can't wait to do this!!! The DH and I went to a wedding in FL and his groomsman gift was a trip to EPCOT where we rode on "Soarin'" and the entire time we just got more and more hyped about the trip this summer. :thumbsup: Even if he does think I am a little nuts about the whole meeting people...

    PLEASE READ: A Reminder About Hotlinking

    Read and understood! There are too many free photo hosting sites out there that there shouldn't be a need to clog up the bandwidth so everyone can't see the pretty.

    CSI:NY Season 4 Spoilers--Get 'Em In A New York Minute

    Apparently all Season 4 girlfriends must be portrayed by actresses born in Montreal. A totally random point, but I had to make it. Canadian invasion! (I can say this, because I hold passports for both places). :p

    NY Forum Trip to Los Angeles: Year Two!

    Hey guys, I wanted to let those of you state side know that this weeks featured destination on Southwest is Newport Beach, CA, but since they don't fly there the sale is really into LAX or Orange County and it is through the end of their travel schedule (which is Aug. 22) so you could...

    Emmanuelle/Angell thread #1- Detective "Angel"

    I think I have found this year's halloween costume. :) *sigh* If only I could look that hawt holding weapons.

    Emmanuelle/Angell thread #1- Detective "Angel"

    Some horribly OOC story where the "prompt" (and yes, I think that deserves quotes) was Bitch, please and the entire summary of said story was: Angell-bashing. Really, that can sum it up. Save your eyes and your brain cells from reading it, it isn't worth the anger. And it also can make you do...

    Emmanuelle/Angell thread #1- Detective "Angel"

    I am sure some of you are aware of the "bashing" that went on recently in bad fanfic try to wipe it and some other horrible pieces of work out of my head, I give you a macro: Maybe not as good as some of Fay's, but still...

    Sid Hammerback - The coroner with the coolest glasses.

    Re: Sid Hammerback. I was waiting for someone else to see the commercial! Of course I scream, "Sid" and ask "Where are the cool glasses and what are you doing out of the morgue?" and answer myself with delightfully twisted things he would be doing in a hotel room in the middle of the day...

    Bring Back Louie!

    I think we should bring Louie back during CSI:NY The Musical episode wherein Danny has amnesia and can't remember who the heck Louie is and Lindsay runs around rubbing her nose (a great departure from nose scrunching, so I am sure she will need an acting coach for this one) and singing to others...

    NY Forum Trip to Los Angeles: Year Two!

    Ooohhhh, I am going to have to look into this starting now! Weddings and baby showers and all that crap be damned!

    It's that time again--Holiday Card Swap!

    A big thank you to all of you who sent me cards, I got a bunch before I moved, but I am sad to say the international forwarding on my mail doesn't seem to have worked. For those of you who sent me a card that I did not get, know that it is appreciated anyway. And I am NEVER moving over Christmas...

    CSI: NY "Eyecons"

    Re: CSI: NY "Eyecons" (CSI in Second Life) Thanks for the eyecon scoop, xxAnGeLheArtZ! I knew someone would help me get my fix.

    NY Forum Trip To LA #2

    So potentially I could be in LA come the forum trip! The DH got a job offer for a company in LA so we are discussing it. Thus I would have no excuse not to meet all you zany people!

    Flack/Angell #1 - This Is How Sexy Looks

    I was just thinking to myself, "I wonder if there is a Flack/Angell shipper thread yet?" Low and behold!!! Anyway, despite my protestations of the scene being kinda randomly thrown in, I totally want to squish those two together. Other than dirty, dirty thoughts about the two of them, the only...

    The Last 10 Songs You Listened To #4

    1. The Framework - "Always Left Behind" 2. Rufus Wainwright - "California" 3. Bloc Party - "Compliments" 4. Kaiser Chiefs - "Ruby" 5. Modest Mouse - "The Good times are killing me" 6. The Fratellis - "Henrietta" 7. The Killers - "Show you how" 8. The Hives - "Tick tick boom" 9. The Strokes -...

    Adam/AJ: Lab Geeks Can Be Hot

    Fay, you totally made my day!! I am pretending that he has just been so worn out from extra-curricular activities that he can't make it into the lab. :devil: But if he doesn't show up soon, I am willing to join the search party! ;)

    Episode #608: 'Permanent Vacation' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

    Re: Episode #608: 'Permanent Vacation' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS* I was screaming at this at the tv. I mean first for her to have a gun and then so easily shoot it? I can only assume they were actually snowbirds who spent a lot of time in the gun toting US of A. And why was everyone just "oh look...

    Where Did You Get Your Username?

    New Orleans (NOLA) will always be my home and heart no matter where in the world I am. Grrl is a take on girl because my friend Kim is known as nolagirl several places and she is the older/wiser/girlier version of me. Pretty self explanatory really, but some people do wonder.

    Bioengineered Buddy

    Hope you weren't planning to buy one, because in yet another case of the cold/too much pot smoking going on up here in Canada, it's a hoax. Well sort of, actually an art installation with a creepy message. See here and here. All of Adam Brandejs' stuff is pretty creepy if you ask me!