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  1. ckyprincess

    Eddie Drool Thread #4 - Blue Eyes & Fugly Ties

    I have to say a big thanks to all those who have been posting these new AMAZING pics of Eddie. It's about time he had some new pics taken! You all rock for the pics. Thanks again for posting them!
  2. ckyprincess

    Flack/Angell #1 - This Is How Sexy Looks

    Just a few for your enjoyment fellow flack/angell shippers!
  3. ckyprincess

    Flack #8 - Flack, Don Flack Hope you enjoy these guys!
  4. ckyprincess

    Flack #8 - Flack, Don Flack

    Hey guys I just thought I would share a few caps from this weeks episode. Enjoy the drool worthynes!
  5. ckyprincess

    Calleigh and Flack

    I don't know what attracted to me to this shipper. I love Calleigh she's so sweet,and kind. Flacks rough around the edges so I guess they could sort of even each other out. Not to mention hello they would have beautiful babies lol.
  6. ckyprincess

    Calleigh and Flack

    I didn't think I could ever see them together either untill I joined a rp group where I play Calleigh who is married to a Flack. I would love to see a cross over in the future where these 2 meet. As for names GAH I am coming up with a blank. Thats why I need my talk csi buddies to help me out!
  7. ckyprincess

    Calleigh and Flack

    I was wondeirng if there were any other fans of this pair? Also I was wondering what would a few good shipper names for them be?
  8. ckyprincess

    Flack # 7 - Everybody Loves A Hero

    OMG! More Flack and Angell caps PLEASE!!!! That scene was beyond cute. Thanks so much for the caps Elsie.
  9. ckyprincess

    CSI: New York Icons #3 - Showcase, Links, and Requests

    I was wondering if someone could make me a Sid icon. I want it to look similar to this icon I found. I am not at all picky on what pics are used. I just need it for my web page. Thanks in advance.
  10. ckyprincess

    CSI: New York Icons #3 - Showcase, Links, and Requests

    Thank you for the Det. Angell hotness! I snagged a few of them! Woo! It's about time she got some lovin.
  11. ckyprincess

    Emmanuelle/Angell thread #1- Detective "Angel"

    I haven't been able to find any caps of last weeks episode with the return of Det. Angell. I really,really want more caps of her if anyone knows where to get them. And W-O-W for the major post of pics! She's stunning. Thanks so much for them!
  12. ckyprincess

    Episode #604: 'Bang Bang, Your Debt' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

    Re: Episode #604: 'Bang Bang, Your Debt' ***CONTAINS SPOILER The way that Speedle was brought back was in one word amazing. Yes they didn't bring him back the way I really wanted but just to see him on the show again made my day. I hated when his character was killed...cried my eyes out...
  13. ckyprincess

    Flack # 7 - Everybody Loves A Hero

    Amen Lorelai! The amount of times that he used the word girfriend in the episode went over just a little bit. I mean dang its bad enough we have to see the HOTNESS making out with her we didn't need a constant reminder of what she was.
  14. ckyprincess

    Wallpaper Thread #7

    Can anyone make a wp with just Flack from you only die once? I'm not picky on the caps used but of course I want it to say Flack, Don Flack. I loved the other wp that was made similar to this just minus Stella! Thanks in advance.
  15. ckyprincess

    Flack # 7 - Everybody Loves A Hero

    Can anyone tell me the full name of the "girlfriend" I know her first name is Devon but what is her last name? And by george I have seen that actress before some where! Can someone tell me her name as well.
  16. ckyprincess

    Wallpaper Thread #6

    mitzi962000 thank you so much! And no I don't mind you did an awsome job on it.
  17. ckyprincess

    Wallpaper Thread #6 Can someone make a wp using these pics...
  18. ckyprincess

    [CSI: Miami Music Thread #1] Let's enjoy the moments

    I know its a bit late but I was wondering if anyone knew the name of the song that was playing in the promos for season 6.
  19. ckyprincess

    Photo Manipulation Fun ~ Thread #2

    I am needing someone who is good at photo manips. I have some pics that I need "fixed". If you are good at this would you please send me a pm. Thanks so much.
  20. ckyprincess

    Flack # 7 - Everybody Loves A Hero

    You guys are AWSOME! Hehe thank you so much!