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  1. Orison

    Locker Room #18: Danny/Carmine: Welcome to the Insane Asylum!

    ^ Yeah, I was wondering about that too, going like 'WTF' while translating. *lol* I'm Italian and I've never heard of any famous dish with eggs and potatoes... ;) Btw, thanks for helping out with the translation, miss_blue! :)
  2. Orison

    Locker Room #18: Danny/Carmine: Welcome to the Insane Asylum!

    You're welcome. :) Here's the second article: The 2008 Rome FictionFest greeted three of the actors from the popular TV show CSI:NY, directed by Jerry Bruckheimer, Carmine Giovinazzo (Danny Messer), Eddie Cahill (Don Flack) and AJ Buckley (Adam Ross). Two unaired episodes from season four have...
  3. Orison

    Locker Room #18: Danny/Carmine: Welcome to the Insane Asylum!

    Okay guys, Italian to the rescue! ;) Let's see if I can beat that Google translator... *lol* Here's the first article: A detective with Italian blood – Interview with Carmine Giovinazzo Detective Danny Messer from CSI:NY is Carmine Giovinazzo, a young actor from Port Richmond, born and...
  4. Orison

    Locker Room #18: Danny/Carmine: Welcome to the Insane Asylum!

    Lovely pics, ladies, thanks for sharing!! I definitely wish I was in Rome... ;) The Fest celebrates all kind of fiction, both Italian and international ones. There's a section for TV Movies, Miniseries, Continuing Series, Documentaries and such and of course they've invited lots of American...
  5. Orison

    Locker Room #17: Danny/Carmine: Our Utility Guy

    I'm trying to find a link or something but if any of you is smarter than me and gets her hands on an article or a website in Italian let me know and I'll gladly translate. :)
  6. Orison

    Locker Room #17: Danny/Carmine: Our Utility Guy

    A little off-topic but I just wanted to let you know that Carmine (as well as Eddie Cahill) was in Rome last night at the FictionFest. It's not exactly around my corner so I couldn't go but if I find any more info I'll definitely share it.
  7. Orison

    CSI:NY Season 5 Spoilers Discussion - Start Spreadin' The News!

    Soooo happy! It took such a great news to get me out of the lurking mode I've found myself into lately... ;) Not sure how I feel about a pregnancy storyline but now I'm all excited about the new season! *grins*
  8. Orison

    NY Forum Trip to Los Angeles: Year Two!

    Ops, I completely forgot about that! Will PM you ASAP. :)
  9. Orison

    Criminal Minds #2: How May We Save Your Ass Today?

    I agree with some of you guys' theory and I think it's down to either Hotch or Morgan. Not that this makes me feel any better (I hate to wait! *lol*)... My opinion is the Haley lookalike will die, Hotch will be hurt as collateral damage and Morgan will step in to lead the team for a while...
  10. Orison

    Do you think there's any chance Lindsay knows about Rikki?

    I voted no. I don't think she has a clue. I don't even know how much she knows about the whole thing other than a kid from Danny's apt complex died from a stray bullet shot by a bodega owner. Would he have told her there was no father figure in Ruben's life and that he only lived with his mom so...
  11. Orison

    Kyle Gallner/Reed Garret Thread #1

    Reed should definitely stick around. I've always liked him. Yes, he had a bit of an attitude in the last few episodes but it was probably the storyline. He's not a spoiled brat and for that I am extremely grateful. Plus, Kyle's chemistry with Gary Sinise is awesome. Dear PTB, thanks for bringing...
  12. Orison

    Switch of scenes in episode 4x19

    You guys are brilliant. Seriously. :D Add me to the list of people who found Danny's behaviour too weird, even for him, and I'm glad there seems to be a reason for that. I'm going to rewatch the scene and grin from ear to ear. *lol* Even though this won't probably change anything as far as D/L...
  13. Orison

    Grade 'Taxi'

    I wasn't particularly impressed with the cabbie killer storyline as well. Felt it was kind of rushed in the end. The way they build it in the previous episodes well, I was expecting something completely different. *shrugs* What I loved in this episode was Reed and Mac's relationship, Stella's...
  14. Orison

    Welcome Elsie to the NY Forum!

    Woohoo, congrats, Elsie!!! *claps* :D
  15. Orison

    CSI: NY Season 4 Spoilers! Discussion in the Big Apple

    Blah. I don't really have high expectations for the finale this year. I hope they prove me wrong but these little bit of info we got so far are not enough to hold my interest so far. And don't even get me started on the D/L stuff... if I have to endure another hour of "OMG he/she's in trouble...
  16. Orison

    CSI: NY Season 4 Spoilers! Discussion in the Big Apple

    The promo looks exciting, thanks for sharing! :) Looks like next episode will mark the end of the cab killer storyline...
  17. Orison

    Dear Writers... (Have something you want to say?)

    Dear writers, thanks for re-writing the Lindsay/Danny scene that was supposed to air in tonight's episode to a Flack/Danny one. I appreciated it very much. For more than one reason. ;)
  18. Orison

    Carmine-What is Cessau?

    Oooh, thank you for sharing! Apparently I need a life as well... :D I really, really like him with longer hair.
  19. Orison

    slightly OT: my CSI: NY novel is out

    Sweet! :D Thanks for the info, I'll order it ASAP.
  20. Orison

    CSI: NY Season 4 Spoilers! Discussion in the Big Apple

    Aww, poor Sid! Isn't there any other way to give him more screen time than putting him in danger? Hopefully he's going to be alright... ;)