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  1. PraetorCorvinus

    New Mod

    Hey everyone! As some of you might know, ladyhunter has decided to step down. She breathed a lot of life into this forum and will surely be missed. Hopefully she will still drop by and grace us with her presence. Stepping into those weighted shoes is the lovely Sharp52092. She's a regular...
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    "Willows in the Wind" Discussion **SPOILERS**

    I really liked this one. Having been afraid of how they were going to let Catherine/Marg leave, I left very satisfied with the results. They let Catherine be a badass and leave on her own terms. Was actually surprised that it was Laura who was the mastermind. Still a little unsure as to...
  3. PraetorCorvinus

    Ms Willows Regrets Discussion **SPOILERS**

    Just saw it (hate having to wait til the weekend to watch these). I liked it. A little over the top but I enjoyed Catherine being a badass and not willing to go down without a fight. And I agree that McQuaid and Laura probably aren't dead. Can't wait for the next episode.
  4. PraetorCorvinus

    "Zippered" Discussion **SPOILERS**

    I liked this episode. Since this is the opening setup for Cath/Marg's exit, I went in with a bit of caution. So far I'm liking it. And I'm impressed with how they handled the FBI in this ep. Most times, the Feds are presented as jerks, but here they were more fleshed out. I particularly enjoyed...
  5. PraetorCorvinus

    Greg/Morgan - You Still Owe Me One

    Alright, I'm caving. I've been fighting it and fighting it but can't anymore. I'm totally a Greg/Morgan shipper now. Greg has always been one of my favorites and Morgan is moving up quickly to that status. I could go on about her many attributes that I enjoy, but the one I really appreciate at...
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    "Crime After Crime" Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    What the f*#@!! :scream: Vega? VEGA?!?! Seriously?! I'm sorry, but no. This came completely out of left field and left a really bad taste in my mouth. How can I watch episodes like "Snakes" again knowing Vega was a dirty. :mad: As for Brass, I'm still clinging to hope with this one. I can...
  7. PraetorCorvinus

    Ryan/Natalia-- The unwanted love?

    Hey guys. Please remember to have at least three lines of on-topic discussion with each post. Thank you. :)
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    "Freaks & Geeks" Discussion **SPOILERS**

    It was an okay episode. Wasn't bad but I got a little bored. I think I've been desensitized to all the freaky stuff thanks to this show. And it seemed to me this episode was banking more on the freak aspect to carry interest. Didn't have enough mystery for me.
  9. PraetorCorvinus

    Season 12 Spoiler Lab Discussion Part 3

    I liked that. And I forgot that Aisha Tyler was now on The Talk. I love Aisha!!
  10. PraetorCorvinus

    "CSI Down" Discussion **SPOILERS**

    I agree with all this. A lot of people have been saying that his anger here was odd considering he didn't react with anger in "Grave Danger" or "Dead Doll". You said it nicely how Greg has changed over the years and that he was barely featured in those episodes. Also, this one was different in...
  11. PraetorCorvinus

    Elisabeth/Morgan: Good Call, Hollywood!

    Re: Elisabeth/Morgan I'll go ahead and offer up one, but feel free to disregard it. :) "Not So Sweet" - what Mandy calls her in "Maid Man".
  12. PraetorCorvinus

    "CSI Down" Discussion **SPOILERS**

    Not a fan of over-the-top action episodes, but I liked this one. The acting by Harnois and Vann sold it for me. Heh, I remember the days when everyone despised Ecklie and now he seems to have become a dark horse character. :lol: Hated the poor helicopter graphics. Granted, they don't have the...
  13. PraetorCorvinus

    George/Nick: Texan Charm #12

    Actually the same thing happened to me. Although I was several feet away from said magazine (and have very good eyesight). But yeah, I glanced over at the stand and slowed down trying to figure out if that was George. It was something to do with the light and the angle of Jobs' face. :lol:
  14. PraetorCorvinus

    "Maid Men" Discussion **SPOILERS**

    I really enjoyed this episode. The A case was more interesting to me than the B, but I'm a history guy and I wasn't really into the murdered housekeeper. I loved the interaction between Greg and DB. The rolling of Greg's eyes as DB did his thing was great. And I was laughing my ass off at the...
  15. PraetorCorvinus

    Season 12 Spoiler Lab Discussion Part 2

    God, I hope not a spinoff. :rolleyes: As for shakeup, the only thing I can think of is a someone to replace Catherine. Or something... I don't know. I'm still digesting this tidbit.
  16. PraetorCorvinus

    Eric/Greg: Leggo Our Greggo Thread #16

    And Liz Vassey's reply:
  17. PraetorCorvinus

    'Bittersweet' Discussion **SPOILERS**

    I Googled her. Yeah, it appears this case was based on her. According to Wiki, she's a Canadian serial killer who did indeed kidnap girls (including her younger sister :wtf:) with her boyfriend, raped them, and then killed them. One of the victims was even cut up and placed in cement blocks...
  18. PraetorCorvinus

    'Bittersweet' Discussion **SPOILERS**

    Just saw the ep. I really hate how late it's on. I'm never gonna be able to watch it until the end of the week now... :( Anyway, enough of my bitching. I loved this episode! It really did feel like old school CSI. I liked how this one stepped away a bit from DB, Nick and Catherine and showed...
  19. PraetorCorvinus

    "Tell Tale Hearts" Discussion **SPOILERS**

    The Strangers On A Train reference was also used in season 3's "A Night at the Movies". And I'm not sure what Brass said but I think it was something along the lines of people bleeding coffee up in Seattle. :lol:
  20. PraetorCorvinus

    "Tell Tale Hearts" Discussion **SPOILERS**

    I liked this episode. It first reminded me of "Blood Drops". And as it went on I found myself really invested with the case. I love when that happens. :) Character interactions were great. DB is really growing on me. His eccentricities make him unique and he doesn't have that feeling that he's...