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  1. Lonia

    CSI: NY Picture Thread #4: Ready for Your Close Up?

    Those are great pics. Thanks for posting.
  2. Lonia

    CSI NY celebrate the hundredth episode

    Thanks for those great pictures. 100 episodes - wow, that's something, and a good reason to celebrate. I also noticed AJ and the ceesau t-shirt. Isn't he lovely?
  3. Lonia

    Happy Birthday, Stars of CSI:NY!

    Happy Birthday Carmine And a belated Happy Birthday to Robert and Anthony
  4. Lonia

    Adam/AJ #2: The X-Factor - Must. Fight. Crime!

    Thanks for the link Poppet. That was fun to read. :lol: AJ is just great!
  5. Lonia

    Hill Harper/Sheldon Hawkes #2: He's Got Panties

    My friend, who soon will move with her family to the United States for the next few years, was in the US (I'm from Germany) for a week to arrange some things and so I asked her to buy Hill's book for me. Now I only have to go to see her and pick it up. I really look forward reading it as I...
  6. Lonia

    Locker Room #18: Danny/Carmine: Welcome to the Insane Asylum!

    Those pictures are really great. They l all look good and it seems as they have some fun there. Thanks for the link Dawni Oh, and wow - again a new Thread. Congrats on thread no. 18
  7. Lonia

    CSI: NY Season 4 Spoilers! Discussion in the Big Apple

    Thanks for posting the link to the promo. Some action always is good! And I like the line Flack says to Angell.
  8. Lonia

    CSI:NY Picture Thread #3- Bring on the Pictures!

    Thanks vegaslights, those pictures are great.
  9. Lonia

    Carmine Giovinazzo

    That was a great interview. Took me a while to read, and I had to reread some passages, but it really was a good one. I like long and nice interviews It's nice to see that he has so much to say. I'm courious about what happens with Lindsay - I'm in with the "end it" fraction - and Rikki. I...
  10. Lonia

    Carmine-What is Cessau?

    Thank you Elsie for the information. A pic of you wearing that t-shirt would be nice. I myself sure will try to get the CD, but I think I wait a while (money is a bit short at the moment) with the tank top
  11. Lonia

    Carmine-What is Cessau?

    The music really sounds quite good. It's great that they offer different ways of payment, so I think I'm able to buy the CD on CD baby. Otherwise it would have been really hard for us Europeans to get it. I am not sure if I buy one of the T-shirts (or more one of the tanktops). I would like to...
  12. Lonia

    Adam/AJ #2: The X-Factor - Must. Fight. Crime!

    Thank you very much WhosLaughingNow for the scan. That's very nice. And AJ really is sweet for saying that. It's so nice to know that he read this thread.
  13. Lonia

    Sid Hammerback - The coroner with the coolest glasses.

    Re: Sid Hammerback. Thanks for the link Faylinn, that commercial is really great.
  14. Lonia

    A Thank You from A.J. Buckley!

    It's nice to hear that he finally got the scrapbook. Glad to hear he loves it. He's really sweet. And that picture of him is great.
  15. Lonia

    Bring Back Louie!

    Such a lot of nice options! It was a bit hard to choose, because I would love to see a musical. Musicals are great :D But, well, finally I have chosen "Bring Louie back". Of course I want him back, at least I want to know what happened to him and how he's doing now. It's really not nice of TPTB...
  16. Lonia

    Hill Harper/Sheldon Hawkes #2: He's Got Panties

    Thanks for the link Orison . That's really a great interview. I just started to read "letters to a young brother". He's really caring and he does a lot for the youth. Although I definately don't belong to the group the book is written for I enjoy reading it so far.
  17. Lonia

    Locker Room #17: Danny/Carmine: Our Utility Guy

    Thanks for the pictures PA We can hope so. And may it never show up again...
  18. Lonia

    CSI: New York--'All In The Family'

    Great review Top That was a very good episode. The interaction between Carmine and Eddie is really great! I always love their scenes together. It's a great friendship and Flack always cares for Danny! I also agree with the idea that Flack and Angell would be great together. That's so...
  19. Lonia

    Hill Harper/Sheldon Hawkes #2: He's Got Panties

    The fourth page :eek: This really shouldn't happen. Thanks for the link Kimmy. He indeed looks gorgeous. I know it's late, but I finally bought his book. I haven't started reading it yet, I have to finish another book first.
  20. Lonia

    Eddie Drool Thread #4 - Blue Eyes & Fugly Ties

    Re: Eddie Drool Thread #4 - Blue Eyes & Fugly Ties You're a hero Lorelei Thank you very much for sharing the interview. I really love it. Yeah, that's really sweet. In general he is absolutely cute when he laughs or smiles. Didn't know that Eddie is a smoker as well. But now it's confirmed...