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    Flack #10: Don Flack Bleeds Blue

    Henry will be 4 years old in December :) With Mom's blond hair and dad's amazing eyes, we don't need to see his face to know he's a beauty! :)
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    CSI: New York is cancelled.

    Well in my Honest Opinion, Miami was Crap and Dead long before it finished. CSI:NY has great storylines and is still as good as the beginning. It lost it's way for a little bit, but it found itself pretty quickly and moved on from that. I never copped on to the original CSI- I did watch it for a...
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    CSI: New York is cancelled.

    You know what? I'm not ready to give up :(. A month after it was cancelled, Unforgettable was revived and given another season by CBS. Even though ratings had dropped to where CSI:NY was on it's last few episodes. Can we dare to hope for CSI:NY? Just one more season or three more episodes is...
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    CSI: New York is cancelled.

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! :scream: How could you?? Okay so I'm completely shocked and sick to my stomach. Shouldn't have looked at Eddie's twitter today, because it's just been one crappy day from start to finish and CBS has just made it worse. Can I just put it out there that Unforgettable...
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    Carmine officially divorced!

    I agree with you on some levels. However the father of my child, is his stepdad in the real sense of the word. I know he'd be crushed if my husband walked out on him. I guess it depends on how settled the child is with his role and how big a part he played in the child's life. They've been...
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    Carmine officially divorced!

    Sorry don't know how her mind is working, so can't explain what she means:confused: I would say has a lot to do what went on between them, but we don't know that. Could have been a simple comment on her part but the replies from her friends suggest otherwise. Don't know, I read the couple...
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    Season #9 Spoiler Discussion

    I am crossing everything I possess for a season 10, I'm not ready to give up yet! :) I actually think there's way to much going on for them to cancel the show this season. I think with Flack's new relationship (Love it BTW), the new Messer baby and of course Mac's engagement there's a hell of a...
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    There's a box to tick 'Outside USA' if you're not from US
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    Carmine officially divorced!

    Yikes, Had a feeling that was coming. Her supposedly cryptic twitter message wasn't so cryptic... @VanessaMarcilG "A man who walks out on a child that he has made vows to without a single word to that child before, after or ever is a loser. Period"