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    Yeah I wasn't so impressed with s3. Though honestly i'm surprised they came up with a solid storyline for it. I can't really think what they could choose next as the primary story for the next season without it being repetitive or ridiculous. And nah, nothing can beat the first series :) Or the...
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    What Are You Reading? - #2

    Currently forcing my way through Catch-22. Despite its apparent popularity, i'm not impressed :(
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    Hey if you have an idea for a topic, get one going! ;) There definitely needs to be some more activity around here.
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    DNA Databases

    I completely agree about the lack of security in the UK. Seems we are hearing about a laptop or disk containing personal data has been left on a train every week! Perhaps people would be more open to their DNA being stored in a database if security was not so much of an issue?
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    DNA Databases

    I had not actually considered that! I would hope that those in charge of DNA databanks would never actually succumb to this, but it seems some groups will do anything given the right sum of money.
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    DNA Databases

    I think the main concerns people seem to have about this issue is the possibility of there being some kind of error which incriminates the wrong person. And of course the perhaps sligtly paranoid idea that it allows for easy planting of DNA evidence at a scene :shifty:
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    We must be in need of a new season ;)
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    CSI Hoodies UK

    This website has a lot of forensic/crime drama clothes and whatnot. You might have to dig through it a bit, cos there's quite a lot. But you might find what you're looking for!
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    DNA Databases

    So following a court ruling here in Britain, almost 1 million DNA profiles of innocent people are to be removed from the database and destroyed. My question is, how do you feel about DNA profiles of non-offenders being stored in DNA databases? Maybe it would be beneficial keeping DNA profiles...
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    Bones #2: The Jeffersonian Breakroom

    I wasn't impressed with the whole Brennan wanting to have a baby thing (just where did that come from??), but I did like the last episode. Was great to see Zach back again =D Bit of an odd episode that makes ya think, frustrating ending though! I'm just kinda hoping Booth will end that "Who are...
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    Forensics Questions

    Nope, identical twins definitely don't have the same fingerprints. Identical twins form from the same fertilised egg, so share the same genetic make-up. But they developed seperately, and since fingerprints are not genetically determined, they develop different prints. So any tv show that...
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    How Much is Gas Where you Live?

    £1.21 per litre. I'm kinda glad i've only started driving in the last year or two, so i'm already used to the higher prices. No thinking back to the good old cheap days :)
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    What Are You Reading? - #2

    At the minute i'm reading The Torment of Others by Val McDermid. Not just your typical crime fiction novel as it's all pretty pshycological and crimimal profiling based. One of those can't-put-it-down books. Highly recommended.
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    Indiana Jones IV.

    Maybe i'm just not a hardcore Indiana Jones fan, but I really didn't think that much of it. It didn't bother me that he was getting on a bit - I mean hey if he can still pull those stunts and not hurt his back, go him. I think I just didn't like the ending. It was a bit "uhh where did that come...
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    Character or Crime?

    I like how Vegas has pretty much always done it. Focuses on the crime, but gives us ther occasional glimpse at some of the characters' personal lives.
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    The "I have a Merchandise question" thread

    Re: The "I have a Merchandise question" thread Hello all. Any news on whether or not there are plans for a CSI:NY PC game?
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    Ah it is never too late! I have never heard of smoking being any kind of a problem in working in this field, as long as you're not smoking on the crime scenes :P Do you have any idea of what sort of area you would be interested in working in?
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    Does GLBT get enough R-E-S-P-E-C-T on CSI?

    By going out of their way, I mean for them to actively say hey, let's make them gay. They shouldn't have to do that. Anyway, out of the hundreds of suspects and victims and other characters that have appeared on the show, they quite easily could have been LGBT without the show pointing it out...
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    What's better C.S.I. / C.S.I. NY or C.S.I. Miami

    My vote would go with the original CSI. I never got into Miami - Horatio just irritates me!, even though i will watch it, but NY is alright. But nothing beats the original :)
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    Your top 5 favorite shows!!!

    1. CSI 2. Lost 3. Heroes 4. Wire In The Blood 5. The L Word :)