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  1. carolina

    Calleigh & Ryan #7: "You’re fantastic" - CaRWash

    Re: Calleigh & Ryan #7: "You’re fantastic" - CaRWash S6 is running here currently and yesterday was the epi with the supermodel and it sent me into total CaRWash mode. we were talking about color-coordination in the DL thread and it yet again hit me how often, not alwways but often, Calleigh...
  2. carolina

    Danny/Lindsay #23: Because it is a big deal to us!

    I like the idea of the double date except in my dream scenario it aint Mac there with them. but thats OT. but I can totally see Lindsay being a matchmaker YODO was on yesterday and it was just the right dose of fluff. she positively glowed in that episode - be it because of Danny or the cool...
  3. carolina

    Flack/Stella #2 - "When You Drive, We Don't Eat."

    Re: Flack/Stella #2 - "When You Drive, We Don't Eat." finally some good Fiesta moments. I love them in the chapell or what it was and their talk in the corridor was just sweet. and was it just me or was his tie actually nice? and Flacks comments were simply hilarious
  4. carolina

    Danny/Lindsay #23: Because it is a big deal to us!

    Im a very patient girl but slowly and surely Im running out of it. I think TPTB decided to be impersonal - unless its Mac. I know its too soon into season to really tell but Im still kinda dissapointed from last season. so I hope for nothing, or at least try not to I dindt really liked the...
  5. carolina

    Anna/Lindsay #5: She Rocks!

    to be honest I was bored by the episode and I dont think it had enough Lindsay in it - and she yet again wasnt out in the field, but I really enjoyed the scenes she had. especially with Adam. and her outfit was great. and I like her hair this way, little longer, it suits her well
  6. carolina

    Grade 'Page Turner'

    one word - boring there was one cool Flack/Adam/Danny scene. there was one sweet Fiesta scene. there was one nice Adam/Lindsay scene and there was a very interesting final scene. I was concerned for Sid and I liked Hawkes in it. and thats about it. oh, and they ran around in wacky suits...
  7. carolina

    Congratulations to Anna and her family

    all the best to mommy and the family
  8. carolina

    What's one thing you wish hadn't happened in CSI?

    LV: GSR, I basicaly stopped watching after it. season 5 was kinda weird but S6 seemed to go uphill and then GSR happened. I think I could have stomach it if the show was still as good as before but the dynamic changed and I just couldnt be bothered. I tried to tune in twice in S8 but each time...
  9. carolina

    Grey's Anatomy #2 ~ The McThread, Seriously!

    I didnt think it was bad although it wasnt as interesting as the finale last season. I loved the Hunt/Cristina interaction. and Erica nad Callie, it was very sweet and believable. MerDer - she was freaking out because thats what she does and it was nice to see that he could accept it. I didnt...
  10. carolina

    Danny/Lindsay #23: Because it is a big deal to us!

    its not too much to ask. but there are people who simply love the Danny drama. Im getting kinda fed up with it but what can you do on a happier note, I was thinking that they could do a little follow up on him forgetting her birthday last season. something like Lindsay and Stella being on a...
  11. carolina

    Danny/Lindsay #23: Because it is a big deal to us!

    talking about pictures, are there actually any promotional picures except for the stills? we did not get any for S3 and only one for S4 and now no pictures again? so not fair I want a cute promo picture of Danny and Lindsay, do you hear me TPTB?! I have been asking for one for over a year now...
  12. carolina

    Danny/Lindsay #23: Because it is a big deal to us!

    I wasnt surprised either that there was no DL in the premiere since it was another macpisode but I have finally seen Hostage and as a double episode it wasnt so bad. but back on topic - in Hostage there were few moments were they interacted together that felt really awkward. she was looking...
  13. carolina

    Anna/Lindsay #5: She Rocks!

    we really need to see her apartment. and maybe this way we get to learn something about her family. there can be photos of her and her family and whoever is there could ask about them I loved her in Veritas. especially with Mac. that was good ald Lindsay and his amusement with her was so...
  14. carolina

    Grade 'Veritas'

    B It was too twisted for my liking. I enjoyed it but mostly because I watched it right after Hostage. as a double episode it worked fine but as a season finale and season premiere not so much. it was nice to get som family backround on Flack though Im not sure I liked his sister. but their...
  15. carolina

    Danny/Lindsay #23: Because it is a big deal to us!

    no, Im from Slovakia. and you can call me Carly at this stage I would be happy if they adress the mess at all. since TPTB are not big on the continuity thing
  16. carolina


    I cant wait for the movie, I was mad when they pushed HP back to July but at least we will get to see Twilight sooner as for MS - I read her reasoning she posted on her side and to me she sounded like a spoiled child that didnt get its way, but its her book and her decission - I dont mind the...
  17. carolina

    Danny/Lindsay #23: Because it is a big deal to us!

    thats what is so sad and frustrating about this. we are so easily satisfied and TPTB wont even give us that. Im not bringing my hopes up for S5. Im looking forward to it but Im not expecting much. this way, hopefully, I wont be too dissapointed if it all goes wrong. not that I will that it...
  18. carolina

    Danny/Lindsay #23: Because it is a big deal to us!

    I dont want no drama. TPTB tend to overdo the Danny drama big time and they handle Lindsay drama in her resulting annoying for a lot of people. problems I can take. there is so many on their plate already they dont need to come up with any new ones. it will take a whole season to sort out the...
  19. carolina

    Danny/Lindsay #23: Because it is a big deal to us!

    why havent wee seen that scene? they lost the script or what? stupid TPTB it would be really easy to incorporate little hints and moments into the show, they really did it wonderfully with Mac and Peyton. and I agree, it would add to the show, not take from it. I think interaction on a...
  20. carolina

    Best alter ego?

    Im all for Mighty Montana. she already has her own Damsel in Distress. although lately is more stress then anything and I agree with Adam, he is a total super hero material in Danny I sense a little of Anakin Skywalker vibe if you know what I mean. if not, well, then maybe its just me