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    Criminal Minds #2: How May We Save Your Ass Today?

    i love that show emily is the best agent :)
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    Season 9 *Spoiler* Picture Thread

    i can't wait to see it. but we have to wait until next year :(
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    Adam/AJ: Lab Geeks Can Be Hot

    i was just on a home and away fan site amd i found a few pics of AJ with Sharni at Woolloomooloo and Cronulla Beach
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    NCIS thread #2: post here or get your head slapped

    Joolz the two sites i go on are and spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler i will just post the links so it will...
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    NCIS thread #2: post here or get your head slapped

    hi i have the promo and pics from epi 5x01 do you want me to post them
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    Dr. Peyton Driscoll/Claire Forlani Thread #1

    thats sounds good i must go and see it espually since last night all my csi ni sceens were wipped
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    Adam/AJ: Lab Geeks Can Be Hot

    THE situation couldn't be nastier between Channels 9 and 7 at the moment, but it's a case of loving - not fighting - for two celebrities starring in hit shows on the rival networks. He's lives away, she's at home, but Summer Bay starlet Sharni Vinson and CSI: NY star, A. J. Buckley will this...
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    Grissom & Sara #29: The Only Person He Ever Loved

    am could someone please post the promos for the uk/ireland fans
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    Ryan/Jon #17: Ryan, where have you gone?

    OMG is ryan really gone for good? oh and why did he get fired (i missed that part)
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    NCIS thread #2: post here or get your head slapped

    Calihan that sounds like good news :) 1) What season did you start watching NCIS and do you prefer Kate or Ziva? 1, 2, 3, or 4? i started watching in season 1 but Ziva is my all time favourite character on the show 2) Favourite supporting cast member? Jenny Sheppard (i love her and gibbs...
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    Which Character Can You Live WITHOUT?

    i don't now maybe that lab tech (the one in lab rat that got the others to help him find the killer while pretending that it was grissom's orders)
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    Who is world's favorite CSI character?

    Catherine is my favourite CSI
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    Criminal Minds

    i saw the last epi on staurday and i really hope emily doesn't turn on the team. she is my favourite character and if she turns on them then it could mean that she will be leaving at some point.
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    Bones *Spoilers*

    ^^ i have never seen vanished either but i am guessing that the perosn that was kiddnapped dies and bones has to id the body.
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    Hot Actors, Singers & Athletes Picture Thread.

    Re: Hot Actors, Singers & Athletes Picture Thread this is paul o'brien he is an aus tv actor
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    Bones *Spoilers*

    ^^^ really oh and i read on that there will be 26 epis this season instead of the normal 24
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    i'm not sure how bad wales is but i think the water that is affecting england started out in wales.
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    lease favourite season

    that's a surprise. i really didn't think season 7 was sooooo bad. it just shows you how different people really are.
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    they have only started filming it so i think it will be at least at the end of the year before we get the new season.
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    HP And The Deathly Hallows ~ * BEWARE MAJOR SPOILERS*

    i had it finished in about 10 hours lol i thought only 2 people died but i counted 5 :( this was one of my favourtes in the series. a brillent end i think. i really wanted tonks and lupen to make it :( i really like the say that she gave closer to the stories surround people like snape...