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    Criminal Minds #4: We Take Care Of Our Own!

    And you actually believe that? Look at how they are dressed.
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    Criminal Minds #4: We Take Care Of Our Own!

    Uh oh, this doesn't look good. These pictures were posted by the Criminal Minds make-up artist.
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    Was he seriously using a SCAR-L as a sniper rifle?
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    CSI: Miami is moving to Sunday at 10PM!

    What are Red Eye alerts?
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    Grade 'Blacklist'

    Sorry, that previous post was in the wrong thread, if a moderator could please delete it.
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    Grade "Lat 40 47'N/Long 73 58'W"

    Did the music in the episode remind anyone else of Dexter?
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    Grade 'Blacklist'

    Did the music in the episode remind anyone else of Dexter?
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    Grade 'Blacklist'

    Did anyone else notice the lighting on the Empire State Building? It was Red/Yellow/Red; I noticed this because it has been in the news lately (,2933,557823,00.html). According to this list, the only other time the Empire State Building was in those colors was on...
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    Grade 'Pay Up'

    Even with that, there is no way for them to prove the guy wasn't going for the gun.
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    Grade 'Pay Up'

    I don't think Flack will face any consequences, when a cop gets killed, sometimes rules get bent and things get swept under the rug. Even then, no one knows exactly what happened except for Don, and he would be stupid to admit he shot a defenseless man; Don could simply say the guy was reaching...
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    Grade 'Right Next Door'

    The main thing I was getting at is, looking at it from a guy's perspective, it was pretty obvious that Danny assumed any relationship he had with Lindsay was over. Most guys, like Danny, would have assumed that any relationship he and Lindsay had was over given all of the mixed signals she had...
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    Grade 'Right Next Door'

    I wonder how many people criticizing Danny here are females? lol. Instead of typing why I don't think Danny should be crucified I'll just refer you to Brad Paisley's song "I'm Still A Guy". :lol: Overall I give the episode a solid A, I love episodes that contain, to quote NUMB3RS, a "black...
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    NCIS thread #2: post here or get your head slapped

    Never mess with a Marine's coffee if you want to live I need a coffee On it Boss :thumbsup: Ya Think?! :thumbsup: Shutting up now Boss :thumbsup: CSI! No the term's NCIS 'We just shoot men who are un true' 'Gibbs, Caf-pow please!' 'Don't drop the boss' coffee!' Gibb's Gang Talking Jethro...
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    "Bull" Discussion *SPOILERS*

    this episode has definetly got some good music, I've heard Johnny Cash, Shooter Jennings, and George Jones so far. Also anyone else notice that Nick's Southern accent is coming out a little more being around other Southerners?
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    The Unit

    I'm digging this one up from the grave but man tonight's episode was rough. First time I can remember tearing up while watching a TV show.
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    National Anthems

    Lee Greenwood - God Bless the USA (I'm Proud to be an American) But then of course all the atheist liberals would have a cow over it.
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    The writers have said that all of the cast is coming back for next season (including Colby) so we will just have to see how they pull that off...
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    Man last nights episode was a real tear jerker :(
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    The song was originally done by Lou Reed, the song is called "Sweet Jane" I'll try to figure out who sang the covers on the show. The song has been covered by a few different people. The song in the beginning sounds like the original by "Lou Reed" The version at the end is definetly the...
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    Episode #510 'Come As You Are' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

    Maybe I was over-reacting about the disrespect of the military but I'm just a little sick and tired of the media using TV shows to push their agenda recently.