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    CSI: New York Icons #3 - Showcase, Links, and Requests

    Patricia I love the second icon!!! It's so pretty! And LivingEnd I love your Hawkes icon!!!
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    The Fan Art Forum Guide - Rules/Tuts./Questions *updated 10-05

    Re: The Fan Art Forum Guide Does anyone know of a good site where I can find simple PS CS3 tutorials? Also, does anyone know what the 'Dead Like Me' font is? Example Thanks in advance!
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    CSI: NY icon competition-Ch.#18-Black, White & Color- Now Up

    Re: CSI: NY Icon Challenge #10: Results! Good icons everyone. 2 5 6
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    CSI:NY Picture Thread #3- Bring on the Pictures!

    *sob* That is the height of cruelness, huh. *sigh* At leats we have the pretty to look at! Thanks vegaslights *huggle*
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    Flack # 7 - Everybody Loves A Hero

    :lol: Oh, food or the Team Flack shirt! :devil: And that has just given me very vivid images!!! :D
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    NY Character Quotes-What's Your Favorite?

    Aw, Flack rules! My favourites are: Tri-Borough- AIDEN: So, mass spec went crazy with this odor that we found from our head wound vic. I've got words here longer than DiMaggio's hit streak. Check it. Dodecylbenzyne, sulphonic acid, tetrasodium EDTA, benzosothyazolonal. (Flack stops.)...
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    Flack # 7 - Everybody Loves A Hero

    Was I the only one to think dodgy thoughts at this line? My poor, twisted lil' brain! :devil: :lol: :lol: I love Flack's appeatite! You woulda thought, with the job he does, he wouldn't want to eat a hotdog halfway through the cas,e but oh no! He keeps right on eating! :lol: Bless him! :lol:
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    Yay, in love with this site!!! Speed ones: Tim Speedle, pure lust. :devil: Tim Speedle, there's no better way. (so true) The Tim Speedle look. *drool* Tim Speedle moments. *sob* Don't worry, Tim Speedle takes care. (just mean, considering 'Lost Son'!) Calliegh ones: Calliegh Duquesne...
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    Eddie Drool Thread #4 - Blue Eyes & Fugly Ties

    Re: Eddie Drool Thread #4 - Blue Eyes & Fugly Ties Aw, *drool* Eddie got lots of talking time!! Thanks Lorelai, that was awesome!!! Hehe, he dances! :lol:
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    A Thank You from Eddie Cahill

    Aww! Eddie's a gem! Thanks for replying Eddie, glad ya liked it! And big hugs to all involved in organising the fanproject, especially karen for co-ordinating it!!! *hugs*
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    The Naughty Picture Thread-Ny Style!

    Loving the pics and captions! And, loving the fact that the majority of dirty pics are D/F releated! We're such pornsters! :lolo:
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    Speed/Rory #16: ~~"Welcome to the Big Leagues"~~

    Ick, well, taht's incrediably irratating! Hmmm, I may have to get creative with my begging then....:lol:
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    'I Have an Episode/Season Question' Thread #2. No Spoilers Please.

    Re: CSI:Miami 'I Have a Question' Thread #2. NO SPOILERS PLE I can't actually remember what happaned, but I do have the transcript for it, if that helps (?)
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    Eddie Drool Thread #4 - Blue Eyes & Fugly Ties

    Re: Eddie Drool Thread #4 - Blue Eyes & Fugly Ties *shudder* Tis the hideous pornstache! Nice caps though! And yeah, Lorelai, where did you get your sig thingy from? It's cute!
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    NY Forum Trip To LA #2

    Your haircut is cute, so i wouldn't worry about it. I can't have my hair short, otherwise I get a nice lil' afro, so *shrug* :lol: And that LJ is great! DF love!!! *claps*
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    Icon Challenge - Capturing the Episode ~ Winners Up!

    Re: Icon Challenge - Pilots ~Winners Up! Congrats to all the winners! Beautiful icons!! *squeal* Recognition award!!!! Aw Vera!!! *huggles* hehe, that's very, very aweso9me!!! *dances* :lol: Oh, and Happy Birthday dongpeiyen1000!
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    Where are you from? And do you perhaps know what episode it was? That may help you get better results.
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    Speed/Rory #16: ~~"Welcome to the Big Leagues"~~

    Wow! £25 for the whole season? That's really good! How do you find out what Region your DVD player is? Because, if I can play all regions, i am so gonna get the DVD!
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    CSI: Hangman #9

    Man, your good if taht's right! :eek: Also, awesome quote! I love it! :lol:
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    Other Fandom Fanart #2 - Showcase & Requests

    Re: Other Fandom Fanart #2 Ooooh, those are gorgeous!!! I love the Morgan/Hotch one, great work!