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    Louise/Sofia: A Lady With Attitude Part IV

    15 pages all ready, and I am just coming on. I really need to stay with it and check in here more. I just forget all the time. Anyway. I love sharing photo's of Louise, and seeing those who have photo's to share, share them. Here's a link to most of mine. Take a peak, take a pic, enjoy. She...
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    Beta Volunteers

    I am still looking for a Beta. Most of my stories are CSI Vegas, and Sophia centric. They also have Teri Miller in them. I have been known to be a bit demanding; all though I don't really feel that expecting someone to do something they said they would do is demanding, just realistic. But...
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    Beta Volunteers

    I need someone to Beta a Miami piece I am working on. Please PM me. KC
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    Calleigh/Jake #1 - "Some things never change!"

    Oh my I loved that too. I also love how Jake makes her smile, something she has not done in so long. It's not a fake or forced smile either; or nervous as she often had. It was so genuine, and you knew that she was happy. What Eric did to her was horrible; mislead or not with that kiss on the...
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    Horatio/Yelina #8: Waiting A Lifetime For A Moment Like This

    Re: Horatio/Yelina #8: Waiting A Lifetime For A Moment Like I love Horatio with Yelina. They were so made for each other. Oh by the way I'm KC and new to this thread. I am making a Yelina Horatio video, hopefully it will be done before the year end. LOL any ideas on really good scenes with...
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    Poll 4 Fan Fiction Readers and Writers

    :mad: I have been covered in a title wave of non existing characters, you know the OC ones, with the last role play person I wrote with; and because of this I wanted to make a poll to well pole the general population on their opinion on characters that don't exist on any of the shows but play a...
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    Louise/Sofia: A Lady With Attitude Part IV

    Just wondering, and I hope this question has not all ready been answered, but; Did they can Sofia? No credits, and a no show in episode 2. I read some of the credits for the new ones, and she is not there; :( so where in the world is she? I wish someone with the series would make it clear to...
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    Beta Volunteers

    I am looking for a Beta for both Miami and Vegas. All though I am currently working on a Miami fiction that I need to post, I am also in the process of creating a Sofia Curtis, Teri Miller [not a ship; made Teri Sofia's Aunt] universe, and will need someone to Beta it when the stories are...
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    'I Have an Episode/Season Question' Thread #2. No Spoilers Please.

    Re: CSI:Miami 'I Have a Question' Thread #2. NO SPOILERS PLE I hope this is not a spolier, but without putting the scene I am asking for, then I can't as the question; and this is the thread I was told to go to with my question, so sorry if it is a spoiler. Episode where Calleigh hugs someone...
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    Question On A Scene

    I hope this is the right place to post this question. I sometimes get confused here. Does anyone know a scene where Calleigh hugs Ryan? Also where I can find it. KC
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    Question On A Scene

    csiMIAMI-ML-1279042-ML- To: CSI: Miami
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    New Girl + Boa Vista = End for Calleigh Duquesne? SPOILER

    Re: New Girl + Boa Vista = End for Calleigh Duquesne? SPOI *DELETED* Post deleted by lovinsofia
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    New Girl + Boa Vista = End for Calleigh Duquesne? SPOILER

    I don't know about you, but with the news that CSI Miami is getting yet another new female character, and the fact that Emily Procter's scenes have all ready been cut to almost nothing [especially when it comes to her scenes with David] I am becoming a bit concerned that someone on the writing...
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    Which Character Can You Live WITHOUT?

    Wow, I can see that we are surrounded by a lot of ANTI-Sofia people. Which by the way is spelt with an F not a PH; if your not going to like a character then at least learn how to spell the name correctly. Oh and Sara, no H either. Now see, even with me hating Sara, I still managed to learn how...
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    Season 8 *Spoiler Lab* Discussion - Part 1

    Re: Season 8 *Spoiler Lab* Discussion & Posting - Part 1 Well, I guess this season will be a tape it then watch it one for me. I'm sorry if this offends anyone with this being a pro-sara community, but I was hoping that the character was not going to return. You know go back to the way the...
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    Poll: Do you want Sara to live or die? NO SPOILERS

    I have to agree; to bring her back now would be like beating a dead dog [no pun intended]. The whole GSR story line is just dragging the series down, and making a circus out of what used to be a brilliant piece of work.
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    Louise/Sofia: A Lady With Attitude Pt. III

    Okay I am not having it easy getting this to quote; but to answer the person who asked who I was before lovinsofia.. Well see that's the thing;not sure. I never write my screen name down, and most of the time I forget it. [just good old ADD] but this time I wrote it down, and pasted it to my...
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    Louise/Sofia: A Lady With Attitude Pt. III

    Hello all; It's me again with my um-teenth screen name. (I wrote this one down so I won't forget) Gotta say I am lovin that black and white picture of Louise. Totally adorable. I am still yet to see her in Claim; one of the movies I really want to see. I read the description and it sounds so...