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    I Have An "LV" Episode/Character Question *NO Spoilers* P2

    omg yay thank you :D i saw it a while ago on channel 5 and i thought i've never seen that one and got confused xD i dont think its aired in England yet ): thanks for telling me the name blackflag (:
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    Eric/Greg: Leggo Our Greggo thread #15

    omnom i feel welcomed (: i love precious metal the first time Greg properly goes out in the field to catch the baddie (: i loved it when he went 'busted' i think thats in precious metal but im not to sure if it is. I saw an interview a while back about Greg wanted airtime but it was in French so...
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    Eric/Greg: Leggo Our Greggo thread #15

    Hey im new to talk CSI, well i joined last September and kinda forgot i did >_> you've probaly already discussed this, but i think Greg needs more airtime its not fair that we only see him for like 10 minutes an episode when he has been on CSI from the first season. I dont think its fair that...
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    I Have An "LV" Episode/Character Question *NO Spoilers* P2

    i've seen like a picture from an episode and i dont know what episode it is. The picture showed Nick sat down with a little boy on his knee and the little boy had a lollipop. i think its season 10 but im not sure. Help!!
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    Hodges & Wendy - Labrat Love #2, They "ARE" made for each other

    i really love Hodges and Wendy finally showing their affection :') i think its dead cute that they are finally together i've wanted this for the past maybe 3 or 4 seasons?... but hey at least it happened i kinda screamed O_O my dad thought i hurt myself xD
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    Sara/Greg #13: Sandle - The Ship of Hope

    omonom i love Greg quite alot xD but i'd still love to see something to happen with Greg and Sara. But i also really like Grissom and Sara i think its really cute :') y'no because he left everything behind to go and find her in Costa Rica :P but yeah i think there cute (:
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    what is the best murder weapon

    I think the best murder weapon is something that leaves no trace, like the toxins that leave no trace after they have dissolved but do serious damage (: