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    CSI:NY Season 4 Spoilers: Hot Off The Press!

    here in germany the third season hasn't already started and you're having spoilers for the fourth and talking about them for a month???!!! that's really cool!!! :D i think i will like this season - on the base of everything i know -, but at first i have to watch the third on tv (of course, i've...
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    Grade 'Snow Day'

    i graded it B+, cause i didn't see it yet, but i saw some pics and i hope it will be great i think i have to wait more or less one year until i can watch it in german television...synchronisation is sooo slow :( but there is youtube as well, so i can see a bit in english... violet
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    Something Happens (Greg/Sara)

    i read it all today, and all i can say WOW!!! :eek: (i think) this is the best way to explain your story! less words much sense (or not?!) :confused: please continue :)