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    Crime Lab Evoluion - Where Do We Go After the "CSI Effect"?

    Re: Crime Lab Evoluion - Where Do We Go After the "CSI Effec CSI makes it look incredibly easy and incredibly simplified. In CSI they made Greg a scene of the crime officer with only internal training. That isn't what happens at all. They show results in a matter of minutes when in...
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    Man vs. 70mph shopping cart. Man lost.

    So was the guy that filmed that the guy that submitted it? Because there's a pandemic of people (usually young people) doing stupid things and videotaping it, sometimes dangerous things.
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    Best / worst profession.

    See, that'll keep me away from being a farmer...that and having chilren....seriously, you had to shove the woumb back in there? I can't even stand cleaning up kitty upchuck...which would be why I also wouldn't be a good janitor...
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    Man vs. 70mph shopping cart. Man lost.

    I like Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and it took me a while to realize that was the dude from it. And then everyone in your signature is too. Those Internet sites have been hit by thousands of videos that are excessively stupid and people end up getting really hurt. I don't think that guy at the...
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    Worried about a friend.

    With a morbid sense of humour I'd tell him tha the has to be a famous musician before he did drugs, you can't do them if you don't become a famous musician. But on a more serious side... There are loads of famous musicians who do not do drugs. Why on earth would his parents say "we'll support...
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    Best / worst profession.

    Best...not having to work at all. Worst: floor porter/janitor. Not the ones that are paid a lot of money, the ones that are paid minimum wage. Yeah, scene of the crime officer would be kind of cool too. As long as you didn't have any kind of problem with what you were dealing with, LOL.
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    The Eh? Team: Canadian Thread #3

    GASP! All you have to do is add it to your dictionary. Then right out the words "colourful" "colouring" and "colours" and then do it with capital letters at the beginning, and add them all to your dictionary. Same with all the other Canadian versions of spelling different words. It might take...
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    Crime Lab Evoluion - Where Do We Go After the "CSI Effect"?

    Re: Crime Lab Evoluion - Where Do We Go After the "CSI Effec I think that in that case the prosecution should have done a better job of proving that the defendant was their man. However, the defense has to prove not that it isn't their man, but that they "could be wrong." The prosecution...
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    If you could hire...

    My own personal writer. You know, for those times when you can't think of the right thing to say? It would help to have a couple of those remote controls to pause everything so he can think of those witty sayings. I hope I can only pay him/her per witty or insightful remark though.
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    Ups and Downs for the Day # 2

    Down: I realized that I have to work every day this week when I thought that I wouldn't have to work anything before, and it's doing something really crappy. Up: My vacation was ok'd. Rock...on.
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    'Just a bunch of hosers, eh!' ~ Canadian Thread #2

    Definitely do not move out to the suburbs. It seems like here there's a lot of houses where you can look out the window and touch hands with your neighbour. I like living out in the country, I can't stand the city. When I was little I always thought that I'd love to live in the city, but now...
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    Saving Pics...

    Just hit the Function key on your keyboard, and then there should be another button that has PRT SC (print screen). It will then be transferred to the Clipboard and you can paste it into Paint.
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    Self-defence and fight-sports

    The first rule of Fight Club do not talk about fight club. Sorry guys :P...uh oh.....
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    Crime Lab Evoluion - Where Do We Go After the "CSI Effect"?

    The Centre of Forensic Sciences in Toronto is an impartial lab. Anywhere in Ontario (I'm not sure if all of Canada is similar) if there is a police department or private individual that needs extensive forensics work done, tests, etc, they send it to the CFS. The laboratory personnel at the...
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    Late Motherhood - what's your opinion?

    A little OT here Wibble, but about your quote, I didn't know that Dusty Springfield did a version of that song. More on topic... What about people who can't have their own children naturally and choose to concieve through artificial means? Does that mean that they too cannot have a child...
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    The Anatomy of a Criminal Investigation

    Any evidence, including prints and swabs, must be properly accounted for from the time it is collected to the time it appears in court. If it isn't/can't be, it is inadmissible. The preliminary inquiry determines if the evidence that the prosecution has is enough to go to trial, if it is...
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    'Just a bunch of hosers, eh!' ~ Canadian Thread #2

    Yeah, I hate The Simpsons now too. I used to like it a lot...I could quote it like no tomorrow, but--ehh, it's just gotten so boring, and so--blah...
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    What's Your Desktop Wallpaper?

    Agent 47, Back Alley
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    The Anatomy of a Criminal Investigation

    You forgot the preliminary inquiry, in which experts may be called. On the show when they're called to the stand it's usually in a preliminary inquiry, to determine if there is enough evidence to go to trial. Sometimes they don't even need to take the stand, their reports (at least in Canada)...
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    'Just a bunch of hosers, eh!' ~ Canadian Thread #2

    Ahem...forcing our ideals down other peoples' throats is something that is in every nation's history. This isn't the first time that the US has wanted to do something and Canada said no. It seems whenever we disagree with them we're always the bad guys. It sometimes seems whenever anyone...