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    Leverage - new TNT series

    This is a petition to get Leverage shown in the UK. Please sign
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    Who is your favorite character on CSI:NY?

    This is such a hard question. I can give a top 5, am I allowed a top 5? Mac, Danny, Don, Adam & Sid. If I absolutely had to pick a favourite, it'd probably be Danny, just because I've been protective of him from the very beginning.
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    Fanfiction Forum (apologies if this isn't allowed)

    Just a quick update - Our CSI section is now big enough that we've been able to split it into a seperate board - now all 3 CSIs have a seperate board, plus there's one for crossovers.
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    Crushes on Fictional Characters

    I tend to have more crushes on fictional characters than I do real people. Here goes *takes a deep breath* Nick Stokes Greg Sanders Warrick Brown (before the stupid sob went and got himself killed) Danny Messer Don Flack Mac Taylor (in a twisted kinda way - he's older than my dad and I'm old...
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    Question about Csi in general

    They have had an episode of CSI:NY where they went to Chicago, and Mac's personal history there would make it an easy place to spin off to, but I don't think they should. Too many spin-offs and it'll just get boring. Plus, they'll run out of case ideas faster. I could just imagine if they tried...
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    Sheldon Needs Some Lovin'!

    I totally agree that Hawkes should get a girlfriend. After 5 years of hard work, he deserves some downtime. I don't really think getting his ex back would work too well. The entire reason they broke up was because he tends to get really into his work, sometimes to the detriment of his personal...
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    Could Canon Slash Work?

    I don't really think a same sex couple on CSI would be all that different. Romance tends to take a back seat on the shows - it's hinted at or shown once or twice, and then it's pretty much sidelined in favour of being professionals. It'd be nice to have a same sex couple, but I'm not really sure...
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    Hodges and Wendy----Labrats Love!

    I think they'd make a cute couple. She knows how to bring him down a peg, and he doesn't seem to mind.
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    Adam/AJ #2: The X-Factor - Must. Fight. Crime!

    AJ Buckley is going to the Ghostfacers convention!!! It's over halloween in York (UK) Details here:
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    Flack #9: An Officer and a Gentleman

    I'm starting to like his hideous ties. It's part of what makes him.
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    Eric/Greg: Szmokin' Hot Pic Thread #8

    *stares dreamily off into Gregland*
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    CSI: New York - Season 5 in the UK

    CSI:NY tonight!!! *jumps around excitedly*
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    Flack #9: An Officer and a Gentleman

    I was watching Ransom a few nights ago, and at the beginning Gary Sinise was like a mini-Flack. Complete with leather jacket and terrible tie. It was so funny, and a little brain-hurting lol
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    Adam/AJ #2: The X-Factor - Must. Fight. Crime!

    OMG really?!?!?! We haven't got the new season over here yet, but yay! i love Adam and he definitely deserves to be on the credits.
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    Best alter ego?

    Which character do you think would make the best alter ego for a superhero? Personally, I think Adam. He's unassuming and nobody would really notice if he slipped away for a few minutes to save the world.
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    Adam/AJ #2: The X-Factor - Must. Fight. Crime!

    yay for the amazingness of AJ Buckley/Adam. You think if he's in S5 enough he might end up on the opening credits for S6?
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    Eddie Drool Thread #4 - Blue Eyes & Fugly Ties

    Ah!! Not again! I only just got that image out of my brain *cries* Who thought it was a good idea to do that to him? I didn't actually mind the film too much. I don't care about skateboarding at all, but it wasn't too bad.
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    The Fort for Nick/Greg slash fans #20

    I agree. I'm alright with a little angst here and there, but mostly I just want them to be happy together *hopeless romantic* :rolleyes:
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    Locker Room #18: Danny/Carmine: Welcome to the Insane Asylum!

    Maybe he doesn't need one because he's always with Eddie Just thinking out loud:rolleyes:
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    Supernatural #2 -Saving People, Hunting Things, the Family Business

    Re: Supernatural #2 -Saving People, Hunting Things, the Family Busines Besides the comic books, companion guides and an RPG book, this is what I found so far: Supernatural: Nevermore - Keith R.a Decandido Supernatural: Witch's Canyon - Jeff Mariotte Supernatural: Bone Key (coming soon) -...