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    Request for CSI Files Re Emily Procter / CBS Watch Magazine

    Hi everyone! I just received word that the new (August '07) edition of CBS Watch! magazine features an article on Emily Procter. I'm located in the Netherlands, so can't buy the magazine myself, but would still really like to run a story on the article on the main CSI Files page. If there's...
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    TV Analysts: It's Been A Bad Summer

    myfuturecsi -- Sure, that'd be no problem at all.
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    Talk CSI Reaches 5000 Members!

    As of 11:51pm last night, when someone called Speed_Cochrane joined the board, we have now crossed the 5000 members limit! Having five thousand people registered here is already amazing by itself, but it's even more impressive considering the fact we only passed one thousand members just over a...
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    'Desperate Housewives' Fan? Then Visit!

    As you may have noticed on the CSI Files front page, we've just launched a new fan site dedicated to Desperate Housewives, the ABC hit show starring Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman, Marcia Cross and Eva Longoria. The site is called Get Desperate!, can be found at, and...
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    Welcome to our 100th member!

    It may not seem like much of a milestone if you're used to bigger boards than this one, but let me just say hello to the dude, our 100th member - I hope you'll enjoy it here. After having the board up for just over a week, this is quite a nice milestone to reach. Now if all those 100 members...