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    La Rue Signs On For Season 10

    Well, not necessarily. It didn't say for how many episodes. Mariska Hargitay has signed on for the next Season of Law & Order SVU, but is only going to be in 13 of 23-24 episodes.
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    La Rue Signs On For Season 10

    Huh. Last I heard, Eva La Rue doesn't do Twitter or Facebook. That's what she said on her own website last time I was there. If that's changed it's news to me. Still, I hope it's true.
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    Episode 9x22 - 'Mayday' - ***CONTAINS SPOILERS ***

    Actually both are true. She wanted to leave the show, but rather than be given a dignified exit like most characters on the show got, they wrote her out in a way that even people who didn't like the character just thought was horribly mean.
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    Episode 9x22 - 'Mayday' - ***CONTAINS SPOILERS ***

    I hope they don't kill her, but she has kind of been the Butt Monkey these past few episodes. In 5 episodes she's been almost kidnapped, kidnapped, in a van crash, and now pistol whipped and put in the trunk of a sinking car. I'm having a terrible flashback to Law & Order where ADA Borgia also...
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    Review: CSI: Miami--'Paint It Black'

    This is hardly the first cop show where the cops have doubts about their own prime suspect, which is a nice change from them spending half an episode going after someone only to find out, sometimes too late (like they get shanked in jail, or killed by a family member of the victim), that they're...
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    Review: CSI: Miami--'About Face'

    It's probably one of those "the other shift did it" thing. The flagship show used to do this a lot; Day Shift (Ecklie's) would inevitably be wrong in any episode where Grissom's shift found new evidence. Then again, they never out right say it was another one of Miami's shifts that messed up...
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    Review: CSI: Miami--'About Face'

    What was up with everyone being so condescending towards Natalia? The baseball mitt thing would've been good enough for a halfway competent defense attorney, but Eric drops the "Stockholm" bomb on her for it? I'm aware that Stockholm syndrome is a legitmate mental condition, but I'm pretty sure...
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    Natasha Henstridge Snags 'Miami' Role

    Which I believe makes her the third cast member of Species to be on the CSI franchise; Marg Helgenberger of course is on the mothership show, and Michael Madsen was in the Rob Zombie-directed episode of CSI Miami from last season where Horatio and Jesse went out to L.A.
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    'Miami' Explores Shared Madness

    Folie à deux is also the name of a night club where the climax of the awesome book 7th Son Descent by J.C. Hutchins.
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    Dialogue You'll Never Hear On CSI-LV/MIA/NY

    "I know this has nothing to do with the case, but why do the women on your team keep wearing HEELS to crime scenes? Seriously, that can't be good for their spines. I'm just sayin'." A suspect to Horatio on CSI Miami.
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    Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Fracked'

    There was another in joke when Ecklie tells Catherine she's not Erin Brockovich. True, but she was in Erin Brockovich. ;-) Marg had a small role in the movie.
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    Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Shock Waves'

    Top41: Agreed about Taylor Swift. I was frankly shocked at how good she was.
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    'Miami' Prepares To Go Undercover For Sweeps

    Eva La Rue and Beth Littleford? I'll be in my bunk.
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    'New York' Reunites Sinise & Ward

    Funnily enough, Sela Ward's always been my first choice to play Alicia in a movie version of my own novel And Here's To You (don't go looking for it on Amazon; they only have a used copy for $20, which is just ludicrous for a book that meets the bare word count minimum to be considered a novel...
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    La Rue: There Are A Lot Of Good Reasons To Watch

    Eva's still going to be there. What more reasons do I need? ;-)
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    Olmos Guest Stars On 'New York'

    So say we all. ;-)
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    Cibrian's Fate On 'Miami' Is Revealed

    Hello, the guy who killed his wife? Yeah, he's in jail on a lesser charge right now, but he's rich; you think that'd stop him from hiring a hit man to take out Cardoza while he recovers in the hospital?
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    Petersen Joins The Cast Of 'Detachment'

    I have no problem picturing Petersen playing a teacher at all. It seems like a good fit for him actually.
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    Mendelsohn Shares Details About Vassey's Exit

    There better be a damn good reason for her leaving, that's all I'm saying.
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    The Casting Game: CSI 4

    Heads up. The polls will be closing Saturday morning, August 7th. So if you haven't listened and voted, listen and vote now.