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    If you could pick your own CSI:NY dream team who would it be?

    My dream team Mac-just because Stella- My favorite:adore: Adam- Because Stella slept with him:drool::drool: and I thought they would have been wonderful together Sid- just because he is Sid
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    Stella/Melina #7 'Cause everything sounds better in Greek

    :(You are not alone. I watched the first couple of eps of season 7 and hated jo so much that I have not watched it since. It is not the same without Melina:guffaw:I do watch the reruns. I will admit I am not happy to see it doing so well. I was hoping the ratings would fall and cbs would...
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    CSI:NY in danger of cancellation.....

    It would not suprise me a bit. I stopped after Melina left. Season 6 was so bad. I watched the season premire just to see how the wrote out Stella and was so pissed off about the way they did it. I tried watching episode three because of Adam, but the truth is I hate Jo. Not Sela's fault...
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    Stella/Melina #7 'Cause everything sounds better in Greek

    I have to agree totally with Lori K. I hate Jo. She is just to much. I only watched the show for Adam, but ff through most of it. I tried but without Melina it just isn't csi ny. I am not watching anymore. Iam a devoted CM fan. Did I mention I really hate JO:scream:
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    Grade 'Unfriendly Chat'

    Sorry but I can't stand Jo. She is to much. I am through with this show. She is just to in my face. An expert on everything. I didn't know that beside being a psysic she is also a therapist. I only watched because of Adam, but I don't like the way the have him turned back into a babbleing...
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    Grade 'The 34th Floor'

    Hated it.:scream: Can't stand JO. :devil: On the upside it is nice that they have a physic csi on the team, all she has to do is look at a victems nail polish and she can tell you what brand tampon she uses. The dispespect shown Melina was discusting. A note to Lindsey and that was it. I had csi...
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    Melina Kanakaredes Leaves CSI: NY

    after the awful season 6 that I put up with Will I stay? :confused: NO. :scream:I only put up with last season in hopes that Stella and Adam would get together. :p I desided that I would stay for a few episodes in season 7 to see if they would be paired up, but now I guess I have my answer. I...
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    What was your favorite episode of season six?

    Did't care much for season 6 at all. I don't remember to many of the stories. But I do remember a few good sceans. Mattenhenge: Loved The Adam and Stella sceane at the end. It happened to Me. Adam explaining "SPLOSHING' :guffaw: Thats about it
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    Adam/Stella: It only takes one night to lead you to love

    I am sitting here watching season 5 reruns on tnt. ;) I think season 5 is the best. :) I still can't believe that the dim witted producers dropped the Adella story. :brickwall: They are so good together. :adore: I am currently watching sex, lies and silicon. They are so good . The chemistry...
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    Grade Season Six

    Have to give it an F. I have lost interest in the show alltogether. This season was so bad. I don't need to elaborate, anyone who has been on the boards knows what the issues and complaints are. I don't even watch the reruns, of course we have seen reruns all season. I am now a crimenal...
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    Grade 'Vacation Getaway'

    Gave it an F. I was trying to be nice but, the thought that the writers think we are so stupid that we would believe that Shane fell from the top of a lighthouse into the rocks and water below; and yet suffered no injury. Come on how stupid do you think we are? Enough is enough...
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    CSI: NY Season 7 Wishlist.

    New writers, :lol: after tonights big season finele, I am going to give up on new episodes and just watch reruns from season 1-5
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    Adam/Stella: It only takes one night to lead you to love

    it was Peter who started the Adella thing. I read an interview a year ago where he said he thought they worked well together. At the beginning of season 6 he left and Pam took over. She probelly could not handle the pressure from thfe smack fans and desided todrop it. Pam really screwed this...
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    Grade 'Point of View'

    Why is everyone reading so mush into the she's just a friend line. :confused: Mac is a very private and closed off person. Now it has been months in real time since they meet, but in csi ny time it has only been a couple of weeks. Mac is not going to rush into anything with Aubrey or refer to...
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    Grade 'Point of View'

    ITA, I am not going to even rate this one. :wtf: I have only put up with the show this season to see if Adam and Stella would get back together, but, according to Peter Lenkov they won't , so I am done. Friday nights is where it belongs. The only thing I liked about this was Adam. He is so...
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    Adam/Stella: It only takes one night to lead you to love

    Well according to Peter they might revisit the Adam and Stella story again. :luvlove: But, I no longer believe the spoilers from them. :confused: I do believe that season 7 will be the last. Moving to friday night is where shows go to die. :angryrazz: I have alreay lost interest and have said...
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    Grade 'Unusual Suspects'

    Off topic question? What do you mean when you say you watch on demand? Never heard of it. How does it work
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    Grade 'Unusual Suspects'

    :lol: First A of the season. 1. Adam was great in every scene. He cracked the case, find the backpack and you'll find the bullet. Sid and Adam great ;) Mac and Adam great :lol: 2. Good story with a real suprise ending. :wtf: The kids robbed the bank.:confused: 3. Everyone present and...
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    Who Said It and What Episode

    Sheldon hawks I don't remember the episode but, it was the one where the guy was killed by the swordfish
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    How would you fix CSI: NY?

    1. Better Stories :eek: 2. If they start a story, they should finish it. :confused: 3. Adam and Stella together. I know some feel that they should go back to the he has a crush on her, but the fact is they have already slept together and I don't think you can just go back. :luvlove: 4...