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    I Loved Her First

    I love it! Such a sweet story. I love any touching parent-feelings-based fics, and this is stunning. Perfect song too. lovelove Xx Mia-Sara xX
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    Don't Shoot Me; I'm Only the Piano Player (Warrick/Sara)

    OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG DON'T LEAVE IT THERE!!!!! WARRICK NEEDS TO RUN IN, SHOOT TREY AND SAVE SARA!!! We need more, like, NOW!!! Pleeeeeeeeeease!!!! Fab writing, as per usual, you really have me sucked in! This is one of my all-time favorite fics! lovelove Xx Mia-Sara xX
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    CSI LV: Dinner and a Movie (Swarrick)

    Love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love it!!! Not that you don't already know how much I love your writing, but that was such a darn...
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    CSI LV: Dinner and a Movie (Swarrick)

    Oooh I'm dying to see what happens during this date! I can sense some quality smoochies!! Can't I?! *crosses fingers and begs* Please? Pwitty please? ....Geez, I ain't even a Swarrick fan - that's how good your stories are Jan!! lovelove Xx Mia-Sara xX
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    Don't Shoot Me; I'm Only the Piano Player (Warrick/Sara)

    Awwwwwww!!!.....AWWWWWW! I loved it!! It was about time for them lol! Again, I totally love your writing!! More!! :D lovelove Xx Mia-Sara xX
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    CSI LV: Dinner and a Movie (Swarrick)

    OMG Jan ya can't leave it there!!! More, more, more!!! I'll find my pitchfork!! *calls for back-up* Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease give us the rest before ya go on vacation!!! *flutters lashereyes* lovelove Xx Mia-Sara xX
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    The Triangle That Love Creates- For GSR and Snicker fans

    Bles lil Nicky! I luv im! But oh thank goodness Grissom's come to his senses....for some weird reason, I can tell you ain't just gonna let em be happy...wooo! *crosses fingers for lots of angst* I luv angst from you! it's fab! lovelove Xx Mia-Sara xX
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    Don't Shoot Me; I'm Only the Piano Player (Warrick/Sara)

    Awwww. Warrick is such a sweetheart! That Trey was such a dumbass! :eek: And...are anyone else's feet tingling now? Or is it just me...? As usual, I don't even need to say it - amazing chapers. Loved loved loved them :D Xx Mia-Sara xX
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    The Triangle That Love Creates- For GSR and Snicker fans

    Squeeeee! I need more!! You're so good and I wuv this story tons!!! But what's Nicky gonna do?! I know! He can go home with me *innocent look* :D :p ;) Xx Mia-Sara xX
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    CSI LV: Dinner and a Movie (Swarrick)

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! I wuv that last bit so much! He's such a sweetheart! But wait! Somehow (although I may be wrong - I can never tell with you, you're too good!) I have a feeling their date won't be obstacle-free....hmmmmm. Xx Mia-Sara xX
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    Sweet Painted Lady (GSR)

    I wuv it, I wuv it, I wuv it!! As per usual with your fics quoth! I don't think it was "wretchedly and offensively bad" - quite the opposite!!! And I think you brought a depth to the characters that is always there but hardly explored! *huggles* Xx Mia-Sara xX
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    Fanfic: A Grissom/Sara/Greg Triangle

    Wooo I totally love it!! I can't believe that this is the end! You totally have to write more stories!! I loved the alternate ending btw, and I'll speak for all the other GSRers when I say that we appreciate it :D *huggles* Xx Mia-Sara xX
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    Love At First Sight- GSR fic before Vegas

    *tear* That is so...amazingly, wonderfully, beautifully sweet!!! I need more!! God, they're so perfect together!!! Xx Mia-Sara xX
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    The Triangle That Love Creates- For GSR and Snicker fans

    Aww I love it! This story is so...awww. Please continue! Xx Mia-Sara xX
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    Favorite CSI fanfic author?

    There's a couple authors on here that I absolutely adore. Zan1781, quoth_the_raven, MissMurder and Hestia are my top 4, I'd say. They're sooooo amazing! Shama, angst, fluff - you name it, they can do it :D Xx Mia-Sara xX
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    "She saw everything." Sandle

    Re: "She saw everything." Sandle oneshot Even though I'm not Sandle, I totally loved your story Dutchie! It proves you must be a great writer to get even GSR-ers reading it! lol. Oh yeah, please do a sequel! *flutters lashereyes* Xx Mia-Sara xX
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    The Competition

    OMG You can't leave it there!!!! *searches for pitchfork* Come on, that's CRUEL! lol. Give us more!!!...please? *starts chanting* sequel, sequel, sequel! lovelove Xx Mia-Sara xX
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    Fanfic: A Grissom/Sara/Greg Triangle

    OMG I got so upset then!! Love that chapter so much!!! But you can't do that to us!! Please, please, please have the epilogue up soon!! I have my fingers crossed for a GSR ending!! At least an ending though!!! lovelove Xx Mia-Sara xX
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    Crime Of Passion #2

    lol - there's a list of tabs at the top under the logo pic. the one that ses register - click it :D Can I just say - I dont know wat the **** is goin on with this now. They've locked r other thread and I think I'm just gonna jump ship from this site now. If y'all care to join me on my site to...
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    Crime Of Passion - Las Vegas/New York Crossover RP

    Re: Crime Of Passion 1 Their routine didn't really change and a month later, Sara had butterflies in her stomach. "Grissom? Can you take me to the doctor's?" She asked softly, sounding like a child. She figured he'd know what she was meaning. She'd been getting a couple of the symptoms in the...