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    CSI:NY Season 3 - U.K

    I laughed so much when the girl at the end tapped his nose. Also loved the mine 'how about I take you home with me' hahaha She said it in such a little cutie pie way. The mother slap made me shout out loud! My God it sounded like it would hurt. Great Ep yet again.
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    I met Gary tonight!!!

    Woo Hoo Fantastic. Can't wait to see your photo. Ax
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    Wallpaper thread #5

    Here's a quick Danny Wall I made today. Having a CSI obsessed day today.
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    CSI: New York Icons #3 - Showcase, Links, and Requests

    Here's a couple of Danny ones I've made.
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    Icon Tutorials - - To help with your icons.

    Whoa! Elsie PSP love. Your icons are fantastic. Great tutorial too. I love the fact that you have explained a lot of the jargon. It'll be big time helpful for beginners. Ax
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    CSI: New York Icons #3 - Showcase, Links, and Requests

    They are fantastic Cass. Love the colouring on your header too. Flack's blue blue eyes. Just lovely.
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    CSI: New York Icons #3 - Showcase, Links, and Requests

    As always people the icon work here is amazing. Love the colouring on those Lizzy Sander. Danny in the green jacket is my complete favourite.
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    CSI:NY Season 3 - U.K

    Me too. I'm loving that Sid seems to have more screen time. May just be me 'thinking' that he does or maybe he just has some more memorable lines but he's just great. And I so want glasses the attach in the middle. ;)
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    Have a great time in the city of love. Paris is beautiful one of my favourite places. Could spend a whole week in the Louvre alone. I also now want to say 'Noobs' too ;) tee hee
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    Locker Room #15: Single White Male--We Can Fix That

    Ladies ladies....I walk into this thread a happy bunny knowing full well I will be leaving covered in drool. Thank you for the great photos. They also helped my brain block out the Mullet of Doom! ;)
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    CSI:NY Season 3 - U.K

    Can I just say I am LOVING this season. Of course have enjoyed the others but I'm so glad to have CSI:NY back on the box! So looking forward to next weeks episode and fighting every urge to watch them before hand!
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    CSI:NY Season 3 - U.K

    What a great episode!!! Is Lindsay crazy. Who would turn Danny down? But seriously coloured me curious what's up with her. Loved it. Also loving Danny and Flack bounces off each other. It's so hard to not get on the old net and watch the US broadcasted ones. Temptation is strong.
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    If you were a MAIN CAST MEMBER, which role would you choose?

    Re: If you were a MAIN CAST MEMBER, which role would you cho I'd like to play a CSI brought in from another state/country for a particular case/killer to be solved/caught and then obviously be offered a job as I had proved to be highly useful hahahahaha
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    CSI:NY Season 3 - U.K

    Thanks was struggling to find it! Right in front of my nose. I love CSI Ny being on a Sat so if I'm out and about Saturday I have something to cure the hangover on the sunday whilst lying in bed!
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    Tea and Scones ~ english thread

    Giles from Buffy hahahahaa I wish there were more of him around! Love Anthony Head (huge Buffy fan) I haven't had a proper scone in ages and now with all the scone talk I'm very much craving one. ;) Ice skating wise I can only imagine it won't be long til someone gets very hurt. They keep...
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    CSI: NY icon competition-Ch.#18-Black, White & Color- Now Up

    Re: CSI: NY icon competition: Round #4 WINNERS UP! 15 4 1
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    Tea and Scones ~ english thread

    Can I have somew tea and scones, although technically not English :) I'm not far! I'm not really a soap fan, Tv loving at the mo' is ER, CSI (obvious) and Desperate Housewives (shameful I know). Friday night project rocks! and Stupid addicted to the Ice skating! HAHAHA
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    CSI:NY Season 3 - U.K

    Oh can we talk about CSI LV here too? As I cant find a UK thread in the LV section (Just wanted to talk about what happened to Greg last night) If not, I'll carry on. I'm liking Mac's new girlie. As was said earlier she's all flighty and smiles which is good. Plus everytime I see her I...
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    you know you're addicted to CSI when...#2

    Re: you know you're addicted to CSI....#2 When you are scanning your pc for viruses with Grisoft...and every time you use it you think Grissom! I think I need help!
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    Icon Challenge #19: Ice Dancing - WINNERS UP!

    Re: Icon Challenge #19: Ice Dancing Fantastic as always on this board! Beginners 11 6 13 Advanced 5 1 4