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    Grade 'Blood Actually'

    I actually enjoyed the fact the cases were so simple and straightforward. I imagine in real life, most murders are quite easy to solve, with only one clear suspect. I appreciate it has to occur for artistic purposes, but it sometimes pisses me right off when they have so many red herrings. It...
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    Grade 'White Gold'

    I liked this a lot more than the previous two episodes. Not really sure why, but it was better.
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    Grade 'Nine Thirteen'

    Another poor episode for me. The case was just so weak. The motive for murder was revenge, fair enough, but why risk life in prison just because you blame that person for a shorter stretch? It makes no sense. I don't really like the day off stories. Some have been better than others...
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    Grade 'Civilized Lies'

    I actually found this to be the worst episode of the season so far.
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    "Double Fault" Discussion **SPOILERS**

    Aha, I must be getting my Pacific Northwest cities confused. That makes more sense.
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    "Double Fault" Discussion **SPOILERS**

    I know I am late to the party here, but I'm even behind UK pace and trying to have a huge catch up. I liked this episode, the red herring was a bit contrived, it seems too much of a coincidence that all that back story leads to nothing yet she is still murdered by a love rival. My main...
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    Favorite Episode of Season Four?

    I went for Down the Rabbit Hole, I just loved the silliness of the Second Life storyline. Fun episode, yet still a great and entralling case.