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  1. Billy

    Eric/Greg Leggo Our Greggo Thread #13

    I was confused, too. So i decided to send a message to the staff. This was their response.
  2. Billy

    Riley/Lauren Lee Smith

    Sounds interesting. I am really excited about what her character brings us in this season.
  3. Billy

    Eric/Greg Leggo Our Greggo Thread #13

    There are no plans to shut the site or the stream. The erockster guys said that the social network pales in comparison to myspace or facebook so they are planning to live large on there. They will adapt. No worries! ;)
  4. Billy

    Eric/Greg: Szmokin' Hot Pic Thread #6

    At the scene from your third picture he was waering nice tight trousers and pretty shoes.
  5. Billy

    Eric/Greg: Szmokin' Hot Pic Thread #6

    I wish Grissom hugged him. It seemed like Greg needed a hug.
  6. Billy

    Welcome To The LV Forum, Please Introduce Yourself!

    Hey! My name is Steffi, i am 19 years old and from Germany! I really enjoy watching CSI, playing guitar, soccer and photography. Nice to meet you all here!
  7. Billy

    Eric/Greg: Szmokin' Hot Pic Thread #6

    You mean he was wearring this shirt in another episode? Do you know which one?
  8. Billy


    Did they play a good show? When I saw My Chemical Romance the support band was much better.
  9. Billy

    Eric/Greg: Szmokin' Hot Pic Thread #6

    this group pic is amazing. it's a wonderful photo where everybody is laughing! greg's shirt there is great by the way! :guffaw:
  10. Billy

    Eric/Greg: Leggo Our Greggo Thread #12

    yes dizzney, i agree. his eyes looked so strong there.
  11. Billy

    "Gary/Warrick Total Appreciation!!" Part 2

    Re: "Gary/Warrick Total Appreciation!!" Part 2 i can't believe he's not comming back! this episode was so intense.
  12. Billy

    Jorja/Sara Pic Thread #6: A Beautiful Soul

    thanks for the caps. she looks different there i think. but how great was it to see her back? i loved seeing her crying and showing emotion.
  13. Billy

    George/Nick:Texan Charm #9

    yeah, he looked great! i loved his emotion!
  14. Billy

    George/Nick: Syndrome Ward Pics#28

    PrincessJ88, nice picture you posted there!
  15. Billy

    Updated CSI Merchandise List

    This card is amazing! :)
  16. Billy

    Finally! A CSI: NY Computer Game

    i'm very excited about the new game, i think i'm goint to buy it the day it comes out!
  17. Billy

    Disappointing CSI Miami Boxset...

    wow, that's not fair!
  18. Billy

    I Have A CSI Music question.

    Chronic Future - Wicked Games Did I wait too long It made me somber wondering onward stronger On and on But I'm still awake You haven't killed me I am willing to persevere another day You can run away but you can't escape All these wicked games You're...
  19. Billy

    The Fort for Nick/Greg slash fans #20

    Yeah, A La Cart was great. I wish we had more of those conversation.
  20. Billy

    Tattoos and Piercings

    Re: Tattoos & Piercings I do not have any piercings or tatoos. But I'd like to have a little star on my ankle.