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  1. catwarfan

    Cath & Warrick #9 - He'd give her the shirt off of his back

    Re: Cath & Warrick #9 - He'd give her the shirt off of his back I'm here. I'm still trying to absorb the episode. I still can't believe that Warrick is gone. It doesn't seem real. I kept waiting for them to roll Warrick into Autopsy and then at the end Grissom walks back in and says everyone...
  2. catwarfan

    "For Warrick" Discussion *SPOILERS*

    Re: "For Warrick" Season Premiere Discussion *SPOILERS* A++++ Hands down one of the best CSI episodes ever. I cried throughout the whole episode. I am going to miss Warrick. I'm trying to imagine the show without him in it. My husband even sat down with me and he hasn't watched CSI Las...
  3. catwarfan

    Could Canon Slash Work?

    I just have to say this is a great topic IMO. I would love to see a slash relationship on CSI. As for couples, I would love either Danny/Flack from CSI NY or Nick/Greg from CSI. I could see either couple. Nick/Greg would be incredible if it was done right. It wouldn't have to be blatent or...
  4. catwarfan

    What's better C.S.I. / C.S.I. NY or C.S.I. Miami

    It's weird for me. It's changed over the last couple of years. It really depends on my mood. I was a diehard CSI LV for the longest time. I knew it would be a hit when it came out. I'd seen William Peterson in " Manhunt" a bit before CSI came out. I had always been a fan of forensic police...
  5. catwarfan

    Whats your favourite CSI Esipode?

    I can't really narrow it down to one for each episode. I hope I can put a couple down. CSI Miami/CSI NY - These are tied but I loved Felony Flight and Manhatten Manhunt. I just absolutely loved the Darius episodes. I'm a sucker for cross-over episode. I also got my two ships out of it -...
  6. catwarfan

    Cath & Warrick #9 - He'd give her the shirt off of his back

    Re: Cath & Warrick #9 - He'd give her the shirt off of his back Hey fellow Yoblingers *** HUGS *** I'm still stunned by Thursday's finale. I still can't put it into words. It's the first episode of CSI I've watched this season honestly. I just tore my heart out. I was just sobbing watching...
  7. catwarfan

    Grade 'All in the Family'

    The case was interesting. It kept me interested till the end though I had it figured out halfway through again. It was the first CSI of any form that I've watched in a bit. What saved it for me and made it awesome was my shipper heart melted at the Don and Danny moments. The scenes between...
  8. catwarfan

    Wallpaper Thread #7

    Wow, tons of new wallpapers since I was here last. Love them. Snaggled a bunch. Congratulations on becoming a grandma Sharon. I've been busy lately. My husband is coming home for 2 weeks next week for Christmas holidays. He's been on course the last two months. He's home then gone again for 3...
  9. catwarfan

    Grade 'The Thing About Heroes'

    I gave it an A. It was entertaining to watch even though I had the punchline pegged early on. Something about Drew from early on in the season sent up a red flag. I figured that there was something more to him. Even knowing that it was entertaing to watch it unfold. My favorite scene was Mac...
  10. catwarfan

    Wallpaper Thread #7

    Beautiful new wallpapers everyone. I snaggled your calendar Mitzi. Love the new Mac ones fallenthrough and LMH. LMH I love your siggy. Mac does have gorgeous eyes doesn't he. Everyone can just call me Dayna instead of catwarfan if you want :D. It doesn't bother me. I've been inspired today. I...
  11. catwarfan

    Wallpaper Thread #7

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. It's appreciated more than I can say. I have a new one to add to the collection. I was searching for Calleigh pics and came across these EdeN pics so I decided to use them. Caps are thanks to random scribblings. Thanks Liten :D The lightening is a picture tube...
  12. catwarfan

    Wallpaper Thread #7

    Wow, everyone has been so busy. I love all the new wallpapers everyone. I snagged a bunch for my collection. I love the new "H" Sharon. Thanks for the feedback on my wallpapers everyone. I always love to hear feedback. Just one new one. I've been busy the last week getting my hubby's stuff...
  13. catwarfan

    Wallpaper Thread #7

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. Of course you can snag any of mine Carro. I love your new ones Mitzi. I snagged both to add to my collection. One new one from me. It's one of my other ships. Take Care, Dayna
  14. catwarfan

    Wallpaper Thread #7

    That is too funny that we had the same idea LMH for our MaCalleigh walls. :lol: I guess great minds think alike :D I'm so happy that you loved the H one miami85. Love your new ones. I snagged the H Waiting and the Flack one. Interesting CarWash wallpaper Heather. I'd never seen those pics...
  15. catwarfan

    Wallpaper Thread #7

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. I'll make sure to check out that fanfic LMH. I'm a huge fan of MaCalleigh. I'm in the process of finishing a MaCalleigh/ Shor fanfic myself. I also have another MaCalleigh in the works as well. I absolutely love that Warrick fallenthrough I had to snag that...
  16. catwarfan

    CSI:NY Picture Thread #3- Bring on the Pictures!

    Thanks for the caps Lorelai. Your hard work is very appreciated. Take Care, Dayna
  17. catwarfan

    Wallpaper Thread #7

    LMH - Love your MaCalleigh. I had to snag it. Nice to see another MaCalleigh fan here. :D :D I posted a couple of MaCalleighs in this thread and the last one if you are interested. BTW Happy Birthday :D :D Love all the new walls everyone. They are gorgeous. Love the CSI wall miami86 Mitzi...
  18. catwarfan

    Grade 'Time's Up'

    Overall, I enjoyed the episode. It was a "Dear Mac" letter nattybatty55. I figured that Mac and Peyton were done when he came back alone from London. Confirmed tonight. It sucked because Mac seemed really happy. He loved taking a chance on love. Sorry for the Pac fans even though that wasn't...
  19. catwarfan

    Wallpaper Thread #7

    Wow, Thanks so much for the feedback fallenthrough and Sharon. I'm touched beyond words. I was hunting for pics of Horatio with a phone (not as easy as it sounds) for my SHor wallpaper last night and I came across those pics of Calleigh. She looked so beautiful in them. Thanks for the info on...
  20. catwarfan

    Wallpaper Thread #7

    OMGoodness, BonaTaylor Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback. I appreciate it more than I can say. fallenthrough love your new Stella. I had to snag it to add to my collection. Sharon Love the Halloween H's. I will probably have to add one of yours up for Halloween in the next bit...