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  1. yen35

    Episode 10x19 - 'Habeas Corpse' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

    I agree with mjszud that I very much liked the boat scene with Frank and Natalia and that I too wished that Vogel's presence was not buried under the other drama. I also thought that Jon Togo did a great job but there was a bit too much emotion at the hospital. I mean, yes, he liked this person...
  2. yen35

    Episode 10x17 - 'At Risk' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

    An excellent episode, probably my favorite this season. Outstanding writing and directing. I was taken aback when it was shown that the assistant guy knew about the abuse but did nothing to stop it. Could someone please tell me how many more episodes are to air this season.
  3. yen35

    Episode 10x13 - 'Terminal Velocity' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

    Thanks for answering this question because I too had the same doubt. By the way hiphugger17, I really like your new avatar.
  4. yen35

    Episode 10x13 - 'Terminal Velocity' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

    Nice episode. Gosh, I didn't realize that sperm from 1 donor could be used to father so many children or was the clinic illegal in doing that? I guess the doctor was right in that one can't screen for every single genetic disorder. Although I was very puzzled as to how one identical twin can...
  5. yen35

    10x12 - 'Friendly Fire' - ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

    Came out of lurkdom to comment that it was a really great episode. I actually laughed out loud at 1 or 2 scenes, something I haven't done in CSIM for a very long time. And the plot was super too. It had so many twisty moments.
  6. yen35

    Episode 10x03 - 'Blown Away' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

    Great episode. Fantastic opening scene. Some nice team interactions also. Particularly enjoyed the opening scene and the one with Eric and the little dog.
  7. yen35

    Episode 10x2 - 'Stiff' - ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

    I really liked the episode. Certainly better than the premier. The Science was great. I loved the part about the floating hat and Ryan's reaction to it and then how it was all explained. Liked the fact that there were 2 different 'murderers' so as to say. The team interactions were nice. The...
  8. yen35

    Episode 10x01 - 'Countermeasures' ***CONTAINS SPOIILERS***

    The episode was fairly good. However, like several others, I found it really puzzling that people around Horatio didn't notice that he was injured. Okay if it was an hour or so but the events which occurred in the episode took several hours no? Its kinda bizarre that NOT 1 PERSON in the police...
  9. yen35

    Eva/Natalia #4: Don't Hate Her Because She's Beautiful

    Beautiful pic. She looks gorgeous. Thanks for posting.
  10. yen35

    Eva/Natalia #4: Don't Hate Her Because She's Beautiful

    Thanks for these. Eva looks absolutely great and I love the dog too. Also, I enjoyed reading the interview you posted where Eva said that her dogs could never be guide dogs! I didn't know she had dogs until I read it, although I did know before that she worked with the guide dogs.
  11. yen35

    Eva/Natalia #4: Don't Hate Her Because She's Beautiful

    This is such a beautiful picture! And congratulations to Eva on her nomination for the award of best supporting actress.
  12. yen35

    Eva/Natalia #4: Don't Hate Her Because She's Beautiful

    Really nice pictures on this thread mjszud. I love the most recent twitter one with Eva with the puppy. And also great pics at the start of this thread. I like the 2nd photo on the 1st page alot. With Eva and her daughter. They both look adorable.
  13. yen35

    Episode 9x22 - 'Mayday' - ***CONTAINS SPOILERS ***

    The episode was very good and I thought that Eva La Rue did an outstanding job. This episode really gave her a chance to show off her skills which is great. I was a bit confused when only Natalia and Horatio went to the pier. Surely, this guy ( I can't remember his name now, the escapee) was...
  14. yen35

    Episode 9x21 - 'G.O.' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

    This episode was utterly bizarre to me. I don't think I've ever used the word 'bizarre' to discuss an episode before. The 1st 30 mins were great and then.... I agree with what C.H.E.A.R said. I won't discuss why I didn't like the episode seeing that some people haven't watched it yet. There was...
  15. yen35

    **Season Nine Spoiler Lab** - Take Two

    Thanks. I knew that Marg was thinking about leaving but I didn't know that LF wanted to quit. It sounded that it was someone who has been on a show for a while though (the link was about 3 pages back). I do watch Grey's anatomy, one of my favorite shows, although I don't have time to go into...
  16. yen35

    **Season Nine Spoiler Lab** - Take Two

    In these spoilers you posted, it says something about a well loved tv star who wanted to leave their show but is now negotiating to stay on. (The 1st spoiler as you click the link on the left). Any idea what person or what show?
  17. yen35

    9x20 - Paint it Black ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

    Really liked this episode. I have seen cases of dissociative identity disorder before but on law and order SVU, not on CSIM. This one was very well done I thought. Like redanemone said, I am glad that the alter personality of the girl didn't kill the victim though because I have seen that theme...
  18. yen35

    Episode 9x19 - 'Caged' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

    Okay. Thanks. Yes, perhaps Molly has already passed these tests and got her weapon before she joined the lab.
  19. yen35

    Episode 9x19 - 'Caged' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

    I didn't like this episode. I don't like boxing and I enjoy the show partly for the forensics and evidence gathering etc and there was very little of that. Also, kidnapping the wife and forcing the husband to coorperate is kinda a old plot for me. I have a question about the episode. How come...
  20. yen35

    Episode 9x18 About Face ****SPOILERS****

    Just watched the eppy. It was a good one. Had some vague similarities to 'hostile takeover' where again an innocent guy committed a crime (by taking the lab hostage) to try make his point, escaped from that scenario and later surrendered once he was proven innocent of the crime he was earlier...