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    Season 13 Spoiler Lab Discussion Part 1

    Dead of the Class promo:
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    Season #9 Spoiler Discussion

    Promo for next week's episode:
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    Ratings Discussion

    Last night's episode brought 11.99 million viewers and a 2.6 in the 18-49 demo.
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    Season #9 Spoiler Discussion

    Unspoken promo
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    Review: CSI: New York--'Reignited'

    Thanks a lot!Ihad misses your reviews!!I loved the premiere.
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    Ratings Discussion

    Last night's season premiere Karma To Burn brought 10.658 million viewers and a 2.5 in the demo.The numbers are down considerably compared to last season's first episode.
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    The Warm Welcome Thread #3

    Welcome to the NY forum Sunny!
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    Season #9 Spoiler Discussion

    News coming from CBS: “CSI: NY” – Fridays, 9:00 PM Music from GRAMMY Award winner Green Day will be featured in the fourth episode of the season in which Lindsay (Anna Belknap) is injured when a political candidate is shot. Action sequences will be narrated by songs from Green Day's...
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    Interview: George Eads

    Great interview!Thanks..
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    CSI:Miami is cancelled.

    Really bad news...Surprised that NY wasn't cancelled and the chose Miami which always brought better ratings.
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    Eads Will Return For 'CSI' Season 13

    Great news!!Thanks for posting.
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    Birthday Wishes to LV Stars #3

    Happy birthday Paul!!
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    Season 8 Ratings

    Really low numbers for Slainte. 8.895 million viewers and a 1.4 in the demo.
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    Interview: Paul Guilfoyle

    Thanks a lot Shane for the interview!!!
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    Welcome To The LV Forum, Please Introduce Yourself!

    Welcome to the forum court 11!!!
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    Happy Birthday, George Eads!

    Happy birthday George!!!
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    Farewell From Shane Saunders

    You will be missed Shane!!I wish you all the best...
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    Interview: Treena Hancock & Melissa R. Byer

    Great interview Shane!Thanks for posting.
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    Interview: Jonathan Togo

    Thanks a lot Shane!!Awesome interview!