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  1. Axelsonfire

    You top favorite ships in the entire CSI Franchise?

    Las Vegas: Grissom/Sara Catherine/Warrick Catherine/Greg Hodges/Wendy Miami: Horatio/Yelina Eric/Calleigh (Although strangely I liked it less after it became canon) Horatio/Alexx Speed/Megan Natalia/Ryan Natalia/Jesse Frank/Alexx (Hey, I'm allowed a crack ship aren't I?) NY: Mac/Stella...
  2. Axelsonfire

    Icon Challenge-#82-A Bugs Life-Up!

    Re: Icon Challenge #72-CARS-VOTING! 100x100: 11 04 02 09 140x140: 03 These are all lovely :D
  3. Axelsonfire

    Why so amazing? :)

    I think what makes this show so amazing for me was the fact that the team is like one big family, more so than the other CSI's. I also love Melina Kanakaredes and Stella, so that was a big part of the amazingness for me. Also, just the fact that it's in NYC. I love that city so much.
  4. Axelsonfire

    If you could pick your own CSI:NY dream team who would it be?

    True enough :P Mine would be a mix too: 1. Stella as the team leader. I love Stella so much and I'd love to see her as the team leader. I think she could pull it off. 2. Nick. I really think he's a good character and I really think he could work with Stella well. 3. Aiden. She and Stella...
  5. Axelsonfire

    Quiz Thread #5

    TV Name Swap - 29/40 Word Ladder - 11/15 Missing Words - 17/26
  6. Axelsonfire

    Hockey Fans #2

    There's been a couple more trades from my team. Jarkko Ruutu, a player I've liked, got traded to the Ducks for 6th round pick that the Ducks got from the Coyotes. I liked having Ruutu, despite the fact that he took some dumb penalties. He's a pesty player and teams hate playing against him. I'm...
  7. Axelsonfire

    Hockey Fans #2

    Sens lost tonight :( 4-3 loss to the Islanders in a shootout. Have I ever mentioned my undying hatred of those things? The first Islanders goal shouldn't have counted. Neil was down on the ice, obviously in pain and the ref let the game continue and the Islanders scored while he was down. It...
  8. Axelsonfire

    Hockey Fans #2

    Everyone, last night something amazing happened. The Sens...won. It's been SOOO long since we won, I almost forgot what it felt like. I missed the first period and a good chunk of the second, but what I saw wasn't too bad. Brian Lee took some terrible penalties though. Mike Fisher also did well...
  9. Axelsonfire

    What Books Are You Reading?-#3

    Re: What Are You Reading?-#3 I'm currently reading Behemoth by Scott Westerfeld. It's the second book in his Leviathan series and I love it. The story is basically a steampunk version of WWI with the British forces (Darwinists) using fabricated animals ex. The airship Leviathan is actually a...
  10. Axelsonfire

    Quiz Thread #5

    Name That City - 7/10. There were a few I had the right answer and then switched though. Canadian Capital Cities - 10/10. If I'd failed the first one, I would've been booted out of my city so quick :P Cities and Towns in Canada - 3/5.
  11. Axelsonfire

    Hockey Fans #2

    It really was so touching and amazing :3 Nope. And the Sens won't be representing for awhile. We're officially in rebuild mode. Today, the Sens traded Mike Fisher to the Nashville Predators for a 2011 first round draft pick and a conditional draft pick in 2012. I was overcome with shock when I...
  12. Axelsonfire

    Icon Challenge-#82-A Bugs Life-Up!

    Re: Icon Challenge #72-CARS-Up Mine are in! Oh it feels good to be here again. I missed this place :D
  13. Axelsonfire

    Hockey Fans #2

    Yes, I may hate your team with all my heart because, as a Sens fan, it's what I was born to do, BUT I have met some decent Leafs fans, so I am willing to give you a chance. Plus, you like CSI and you're here. You can't be all bad :P So today was a kind of solemn day for the Sens in a way, but...
  14. Axelsonfire

    Stella/Melina #7 'Cause everything sounds better in Greek

    I checked that site out and immediately favourited it. The pictures they have are amazing. She looks so gorgeous in pretty much all those photoshoots. I miss Melina so much. I hope she'll be in something soon. I really miss seeing her on my TV every week. Hopefully, she'll be in something...
  15. Axelsonfire

    Mac <3 Stella #19 - I won't give up if you dont give up.

    I know what you mean. I miss MK so much. I miss spending the whole day, thinking about what could be happening in the next episode. I miss squeeing everytime Mac and Stella were on screen together. For almost 2 years, this thread was my home away from home. All the people in here were like...
  16. Axelsonfire

    Who is your least favorite character?

    Re: Who is your most unfavorite character? Well, I have to say, I disliked Peyton. Yes, you can call me out on that, as I am a huge Mac/Stella shipper. I also felt the character really had no depth. She could've been much more than just "Mac's girlfriend", but that isn't what happened. She...
  17. Axelsonfire

    Hockey Fans #2

    Oh my, it's been awhile since I was here. Anyway, my Sens have lost 9 games in a row :( I think our coach has lost his marbles. He keeps scratching Carkner, who has been one of our best defencemen all season, in favour of Kuba, who has been causing bad turnovers leading into goals by the other...
  18. Axelsonfire

    McCullouch Promises That 'It Gets Better'

    I think it's awesome that Gerald decided to do this. I'm planning on wearing purple on the 20th in support. DragonFiend95, I'm glad the video cheered your friend up :) Nobody deserves to be bullied for anything, much less their sexuality.
  19. Axelsonfire

    Hockey Fans #2

    So the Sens won their first game last night. I was quite pleased. They finally decided to play as a team. Anything I said above about Cam Ward should be discarded. Last night, he was excellent and was pretty much the only reason his team was in the game at all. Great effort from him. On a bad...
  20. Axelsonfire

    Wallpaper Challenge #56: Orange - Results!

    Re: Wallpaper Challenge #55: Actors - Results! Thank all for the votes. Congrats to all the winners, especially Mrs. Sanders for having all three of her wallpapers win. You are awesome.