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  1. pretty_in_pink

    The RANT And I Can't Say This Aloud #4

    Ok, so it's the first week of fall, right? Which means it should be cooler outside, right? LOL, no. It's hotter right now than it was the majority of the summer. Dang weather. And of course, me being me, I have a heat allergy, so now I have red bumps on my neck, chest, arms, and leg. And I...
  2. pretty_in_pink

    Grade 'Indelible'

    First of all, I think this episode should have been longer. Make it an hour and a half, take out the case (which I thought was kind of out of place anyway) and it would have been better. I was hoping we'd see more of Mac and his wife (along with the rest of the team, but especially Mac because...
  3. pretty_in_pink

    Is A 'CSI' Movie On The Way?

    I misread that as, "I can see Jay Leno in it," and I was like, that's a little harsh. :lol:
  4. pretty_in_pink

    Getting To Know Each Other

    Ok, the last time I did this, I was thirteen, so I'm doing it again, and hopefully I won't look back on this one with as much embarrassment. 1) Name: Karri 2) Birthday: January 20, 1994 3) Age (for those who don't wanna do the math): 16 4) Favorite Music Genre: I honestly don't think I could...
  5. pretty_in_pink

    Melina Kanakaredes Leaves CSI: NY

    Hahahaha, I'm rooting for this one just for the laughs. :guffaw:
  6. pretty_in_pink

    Melina Kanakaredes Leaves CSI: NY

    Haha, Perez Hilton is a total idiot (not to mention, practically a child pornographer)...I wouldn't take his opinion too seriously.
  7. pretty_in_pink

    What was your favourite and worst moment of all seasons?

    Best Moments: I honestly haven't seen much of season 1 for a long time (bad fan, I know), and I've barely seen season 6, so this is pretty much all season 1-5 -Run Silent, Run Deep. The entire episode. Great background on Danny, great Mac/Danny, "father/son" interaction. -The interaction...
  8. pretty_in_pink

    Melina Kanakaredes Leaves CSI: NY

    I know the entire CM discussion is slightly OT, but I agree with this so much. Both AJ and Melina deserve an exit that's respectful to their characters, the time they've devoted to their respective shows, and to the fans as well. And especially for AJ, it would be so out of character for JJ to...
  9. pretty_in_pink

    Melina Kanakaredes Leaves CSI: NY

    Oops, accidentally double-posted (or something). Sorry, haven't posted on here in a while. Delete if needed.
  10. pretty_in_pink

    Melina Kanakaredes Leaves CSI: NY

    Wow. Wow. I personally did not see this coming, at all. Damn. :scream: Honestly, I figured Gary Sinise would be the first to leave from the cast we have now, just because he's more of a film/stage actor and maybe he would tire of playing the same character for years...but Melina? It's a shame...
  11. pretty_in_pink

    Grade 'Vacation Getaway'

    Honestly, I thought bringing Shane Casey back was a bad idea from the time I found out. Had it been earlier in the show, when the quality of writing was better, it might have turned out okay. But I feel that it's been so long since the Shane storyline, and I felt that the storyline in season 3...
  12. pretty_in_pink

    The Rant and I Cannot Say This Out Loud #3

    To my sister: I wish you weren't coming home from college. And even worse, you're not going back. When you were gone, I finally had freedom. Mom actually said more than two words to me every day, our mutual friends (who, to be fair, DID know you first and probably like you better) hung out with...
  13. pretty_in_pink

    Controversial Discussion/Debate

    Abortion: I'm very pro-choice. Until the fetus has the brain function to think and feel pain, a woman should be able to get an abortion for any reason. Do I think it sucks that so many women feel the need to get an abortion because something happens and they don't feel equipped to be parents? Of...
  14. pretty_in_pink

    What's Your View On Teenage Pregnancies?

    I think it's horrible and cruel to call teen pregnancies "disgusting" or to insult the women. Especially if you're pro-life (not getting into that, I'm just saying, if you want every woman to carry a child to term, you really should try your best not to call them a slut). I also think it's...
  15. pretty_in_pink

    Best Season of CSI: NY

    Season 3's my favorite. I think we got a lot of development of the characters, and I loved the whole Truby/Dobson story arc throughout the season (especially how it showcased relationships [not necessarily romantic] between the characters, like Mac and Flack).
  16. pretty_in_pink

    Gary#5 "Houston...We Have A Hottie!"

    Haha, we're watching the movie tomorrow in school. *drools* The only bad thing is that my english teacher pronounces his name weird. It's hard to explain. Lame english teachers, lol.
  17. pretty_in_pink

    Stella/Melina #6: Rambo Stella. Bring it on!

    That would be The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. <333 I love that interview, because it's Jon Stewart, who is hilarious (if you haven't seen anything else he's done, you need to!). AND Melina, which, of course, = WIN. Anyway, pointless fangirling aside, here's the link...
  18. pretty_in_pink

    Eddie Cahill #5: Charismatic Brilliance

    MySpace shot, lmfao. :) Omg, he is so hot though. Mmm. Thanks for the pics.
  19. pretty_in_pink

    Best of 2008

    Re: Best of 2006 Film: Changeling Song: Spaceman-The Killers Album: Day and Age-The Killers or Viva La Vida-Coldplay Show: CSI (duh) or House MD Book: - Actor: Heath Ledger Actress: Anne Hathaway or Angelina Jolie Couple: - Break-up: - Screw-up: Anything related to Twilight. Wedding: - Birth...
  20. pretty_in_pink

    Dear Writers... (Have something you want to say?)

    You tempted me to look, and my reaction was as follows. "Oh Jesus Christ!" :guffaw::rolleyes: