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    Grade 'Unspoken'

    I finally got to watch the episode and I give it a solid B+ (extra points for creativity!). My main man, Eddie Cahill, was absolutely terrific. Loved all the kids, with a surprising affection for Lucy. Poor Mac. He's going to have to tell Christine, you know... Liked it! I don't want to see it...
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    Flack #10: Don Flack Bleeds Blue

    OK--I'll start. Liked the episode, liked that Flack is being featured more. Not sure how I feel about Lovato. Evidently, Flack has a type, but she so closely resembles Angell. I thought he would have been a bit more hesitant. Mac liked her though :rolleyes:. We'll have to see how they play...
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    Flack #10: Don Flack Bleeds Blue

    Be still, my fluttery heart. Short hair! Sarcasm! Action! (on skates!) Flack is back, baby! :drool: Tobin, looking forward to next week...
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    Flack #10: Don Flack Bleeds Blue

    The whole site gone. :::sigh::: Where do I go to get my Flack fix now?? Tobin
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    Grade 'Crushed'

    I had a hard time with that too. I don't think the police would be looking that closely. The marble table was obviously the problem in the balcony collapsing. I think a far more likely scenario would be the host "family" or home owners getting sued than a murder being uncovered. Love Flack...
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    Grade 'Get Me Out Of Here!'

    A-. Loved the plot. I was a Greek in college and while no one was locked in a crypt, I could see some frat doing a variation of the whole "six pack challenge." I suspected the cemetary manager only because of the character actor they had playing him. If it had been some unknown, I wouldn't have...
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    Season 8 Spoiler Discussion #2 - Spoiler Scene: Do Not Cross

    Ah geeze.....CSI was a rerun too. At least "Person of Interest" was new this week.... Tobin
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    Flack #10: Don Flack Bleeds Blue

    Finally, an episode that has some Don time. I loved it--loved the interaction between him and Sam. I'm ready for Don spin off at the end of the season, should CSI NY not be renewed. Hey--we got his hair cut, didn't we?
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    Grade 'Air Apparent'

    I agree. It would have more sense to have Flack be the one watching over Hank. Although I thought Lindsay was pretty good...very tough. Finally got me a Flack fix, so I unabashedly loved this episode. Makes me wonder about the "behind the scenes" talk was about Flack/Cahill's hair cut! (I love...
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    Flack #10: Don Flack Bleeds Blue

    We don't need Danny....we need Don! :scream: More Flack! More Flack! More Flack! ::sigh:: Tobin
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    Flack #10: Don Flack Bleeds Blue

    Is it just me or does it seem like "Flack Lite" so far? He's hardly seen any action. Or am I just whining? :) Tobin
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    Flack #10: Don Flack Bleeds Blue

    I didn't get to watch the episode Friday night, but I did finally see it on the CBS web site.... Hardly any Flack. :::sigh:::::shifty: I hope next week is better! Tobin
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    Grade 'Indelible'

    I enjoyed this episode. It was Gary Sinise's work with the military that got me interested in CSI: NY. I saw the Lt. Dan Band play in Germany when we were there... I thought the 9/11 flashbacks were well done and not too explicit. They got the job done. Loved Claire. I wish she HAD "walked up...
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    Flack #10: Don Flack Bleeds Blue

    Looks like Flack visited the barber! I was looking at picture of the first episode and he has his shorter haircut. Good gawd, the man looks HOT. :drool: Can't wait for the new season... Tobin
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    Season 8 Spoiler Discussion - There's Nothing You Can't Do In New York

    Re: Season 8 Spoiler Discussion - There's Nothing You Can't Do In New Flack's short hair is BACK! Wahooo! He looks terrific....:drool: Tobin
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    Season 8 Spoiler Discussion - There's Nothing You Can't Do In New York

    Re: Season 8 Spoiler Discussion - There's Nothing You Can't Do In New Agreed. This is just to get things sparking for season 8! Tobin
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    Season 8 Wishlist

    Cut Flack's hair!! My son (who's 14) thought Flack looked like he belonged on "Jersey Shore." Snippily, Tobin
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    Flack #10: Don Flack Bleeds Blue

    I was WRONG! Wheeeeeeee! Now, where do we start the "Don Flack needs a hair cut" campaign? :) Tobin
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    Flack #10: Don Flack Bleeds Blue

    I'm going to post this here....only because if I'm right, I get bragging rights. It'll be through tears though. I think the show is going to be cancelled. I think Eddie likes his hair longer and if the show is over, his hair is back where he likes it. There. I said it. (Hope I'm wrong...