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    Favorite Episode of Season Five?

    Seeing Angell die was really sad. Lol I think most people hate the cliffhangers. I was yelling at my tv, Wondering who got injured or hurt or whatever :o:lol:
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    Your Favorite CSI Line From any 3 Shows

    In season 3 episode 8. when Ryan gets his first autospy and sees the victim has no head and goes "Alex...He doesn't have a head" and his reaction to that is like :wtf:
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    Grade 'Greater Good'

    I gave it an A-. Although its just a filler its nice to see the team commenting on how Mac spends his day off. Even though it wasn't really a case it was still interesting... And then when Lindsay's in the lab and tells Adam her water broke and you see his reaction was hilarious :]
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    Who is your favorite character on CSI:NY?

    I voted for Flack, I mean. who doesn't love those facial expressions of his :] Mac comes in 2nd and Adam comes in 3rd :o :thumbsup:
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    Adam/AJ #2: The X-Factor - Must. Fight. Crime!

    Adam's awesome. It's always hilarious to see him get all nervous around Mac. :thumbsup:
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    Best Season of CSI: Miami

    Its a tie between season 3 and season 7 for me. Season 3 well mainly because Ryan is there :D. and Season 7 and actiony o.o and interesting storylines .
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    Grade Season Five

    I gave it an A. Some good moments and action but then there were the not so good moments.
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    Favorite Episode of Season Five?

    I voted for Grounds for Deception because not only were there SMacked scenes but we got to see some of Stella's background. Besides Grounds for Deception i also liked Rush to Judgement, Yarhzeit,Pay Up, and The Past,Present, and Murder. :)
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    Best Season of CSI: NY

    I voted for Season 4. The cabbie killer was an awesome storyline.
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    What's better C.S.I. / C.S.I. NY or C.S.I. Miami

    I like all of them actually but my most favourite is CSI NY I luv CSI but its all dark CSI Miami has interesting storylines and action and CSI NY has those cool ways of solving the cases. :]
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    Grade 'Pay Up'

    Yeah i guess thats true :]
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    Eric/Calleigh romance - why we dislike it. **spoilers**

    Everyone has their own opinions. I don't think anyone should die for having an opinion.
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    Grade 'Pay Up'

    I loved the season finale :[ but i hate the cliffhanger grrrr.... I just have one problem, where the heck is Lindsay's baby? O.o
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    The Cliffhanger Poll *SPOILERS for the FINALE*

    I voted for Adam.... I don't know why.....Just think he should get more parts :] :lol:
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    Least Favorite Episode of Season Five?

    I voted for Greater Good. Some good moments but just a boring filler. :cool:
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    You Know You Watch Too Much CSI: NY When... [#2]

    When you order a Big Mac from Mcdonalds and you immediately think of Mac.