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    Who would you want back?

    Dr. Zao, and also the S1 lab techs from CSI:NY.
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    The Cliffhanger Poll *SPOILERS for the FINALE*

    I think it might be Danny, and maybe Louie could come and see him? Or maybe it's just a random extra who gets shot, because that extra wore a hat.
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    Big Season Finale Spoiler *MAJOR SPOILER*

    I think that they'll kill off Angell, here's my reasons why. 1. Lindsay replaced Aiden so they wouldn't kill off the same role twice (secondary female CSI, not lead female CSI) 2. Mac's the main man and Stella's the main woman so they're both safe. 3. Danny Messer and Don Flack have a brilliant...
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    Ask William Petersen Your Questions

    William (I'm not calling you Billy because I don't know you) I know this may sound stupid, but how do Americans speak? How do they move their teeth and tongue and mouth? Because at school at the moment I'm doing a view from the bridge? Sincerely yours. Tim Sillery Sutton Coldfield Birmingham...
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    Ask William Petersen Your Questions

    William if I may ask what's your favourite genre of movie? Also what's your dream meal? Tim Sillery Sutton Coldfield.
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    Review The Last Film You Saw ~ Thread 3

    The last movie I saw was Halloween and it's a brilliant movie. Claustrophobic lighting and music. Whilst surprisingly the music's also funky. Also Donald Pleasence and Jamie Lee Curtis and whoever played Michael Myers done fantastic in their performance. Also it's great that it's low on sex...
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    Yes this is a thread describing whether or not you like the night when HE came home. Which one you like best. If you find any scary or not.
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    Fanfic Request/Ideas, Recommendation & Showcase

    Re: Fanfiction Request, Reccomendation, & Showcase Ummm. I want to request a CSI:LV episode with a serial killer in a slasher movie convention. Must have at least 5 deaths in it.
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    If you were a GUEST STAR on CSI, which role would you choose?

    Also I wouldn't mind being like a Michael Myers fanatic in a halloween episode in CSI:LV where during the annual Slasher convention (Not sure if it's a real thing but what the hell.) Samuel Lome dressed like Jason Voorhees has been stabbed to death and as more and more people keep dying it's up...
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    "Art Imitates Life" Discussion *SPOILERS*

    I never knew Jeffrey Tambor was in this episode. Is it a good episode?
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    Why Lindsay Must Go (Part 3)

    Am I the only one to think that Lindsay's like a leech to Danny.
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    Question on the "Dective" title

    Don't believe everything which is on Wikipedia.
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    What's one thing you wish hadn't happened in CSI?

    1. Keppler died. I mean they could have kept him and he could've been the replacement for Grissom. 2. Lindsay. She could have been a good character but instead they made her a leech on Danny. Poor man. 3. Aiden died. I know why Vanessa wanted to leave but they could have kept her alive and well.
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    Season 9 *Spoiler Lab* Discussions

    I really like it how Natalie's coming back.
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    Character or Crime?

    I voted more crime because I like stuff where there's a whole bunch of victims.
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    It wasn't. I just watched the episode and the only real song was SOS by Rihanna.
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    Worst Movies Ever

    I was surprised to see troll 2 in the bottom 100 but not troll 3. Sure troll 2's bad but at least it doesn't have radioactive venus flytraps.
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    What episode was the song pain by 3 days grace used
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    Season 5 Wishlist

    Joe to live and not get arrested because let's face it, he done nothing wrong. A Lindsay centered episode that ends with Reed shooting her. An episode which is Sci-fi. I mean IJatKotCS did it, why can't CSI:NY. An episode with Stella in charge. More computer games centered episode so Adam can do...