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  1. rockyshadow

    Has anyone else took an instant dislike to Haylen?

    There are eight lead characters on the show and even some of them are gyped out of screen time every week. They didn't need Haylen and never should have included her in the series. I hope her character gets mixed up in something and is relieved of duty fairly quickly.
  2. rockyshadow

    Grade "Lat 40 47'N/Long 73 58'W"

    Mac's behavior lately makes me think that that is how he's coping with what happened last season, he's definitely worse than he's ever been. Haylen seems shoehorned into the show. Some of Hawkes' dialogue does seem a little out of character. Skeet Ulrich better have a better storyline...
  3. rockyshadow

    Flack #9: An Officer and a Gentleman

    The casual look works just as well for him as the suits. His wardrobe is always great.
  4. rockyshadow

    Supernatural #3 - No Chick Flick Moments

    Based on the description of this week's episode I'm not worried about any guest star's contribution to it. I think this episode is one of the more lighthearted ones anyway.
  5. rockyshadow

    Criminal Minds #2: How May We Save Your Ass Today?

    I love all the characters on this show equally and would hate it if they made anyone a couple. This show is amazing the way it is. I also don't mind if an episode is a certain character centric, no matter which one it is. Only about five hours until I can see the latest episode. I'm so excited!
  6. rockyshadow

    NCIS thread #3 - Shutting up now, Boss

    I loved all the scenes with Tony/McGee. The sandwich bantering was great and I loved the whole scene with the dogs too. The polygraph lady flirting and McGee being oblivious to it all was so funny. I love it when Tim gets attention from women. I'm anxious to see how Ziva gets to be a full...
  7. rockyshadow

    "Ghost Town" Discussion *SPOILERS*

    A lot more nick and a little less Langston, YEA! YEA! YEA!. I had just about given up watching CSI this season. If this season continues to share screen time I will continue to watch.
  8. rockyshadow

    Criminal Minds #2: How May We Save Your Ass Today?

    Team interaction was great. I love how Emily and Morgan were so worried about Hotch. Garcia's cookies were such a sweet gesture. Hotch made me so nervous when he went in the house with the Unsub. I loved the sepia tones of the flashbacks of the Unsub's childhood. My favorite cases are the...
  9. rockyshadow

    NCIS thread #3 - Shutting up now, Boss

    I watch this show for team interaction, not necessarily the cases, so the last two episodes were great. I loved each scene Ziva had with the team members. The Ziva/Gibbs scene in the end was so sweet. Abby telling Ziva Tony's side as well as being understanding of her side was done very well...
  10. rockyshadow

    Grade 'Blacklist'

    I loved the Lindsay/Hawkes and Stella/Lindsay scenes. The Danny/Adam scene didn't seen awkward to me. Flack still seems very off. I was very distracted by Gail O'Grady and Gary Sinise being so close in age in reality so it took me out of the scene for a moment. I like how the season is...
  11. rockyshadow

    CSI: NY Icon Chal.Thr. 3 - Ch.#43: Sheldon Hawkes - Results!

    Re: CSI: NY Icon Chal.Thr. 3 - Ch.#41: Blue - Voting! 100x100 1 4 9 140x140 3
  12. rockyshadow

    Emmanuelle/Angell thread #1- Detective "Angel"

    Re: Emmanuelle/Angell thread #1- Detective "Angel" I was just watching Emmanuelle in Smallville a couple of days ago. I loved her in that part too. I also watched her in Saw II ( she's the only reason I talked myself into watching that, normally I don't even watch horror movies,) and her...
  13. rockyshadow

    Anna/Lindsay #6: Baby on Board!

    Thanks Brinchen! I loved her wardrobe on Wednesday too. I hope she does lots of fieldwork this season, at least when she's not taking care of her family. Her speech to Danny was amazing! I love her character so much.
  14. rockyshadow

    Has anyone else took an instant dislike to Haylen?

    I got used to her voice years ago when she guest starred on "Smallville," so that part doesn't bother me anymore. As long as she doesn't continue to demean Adam's contribution to the team I could learn to get used to her. I agree her name is ridiculous and I too wish they had stuck with the...
  15. rockyshadow

    Supernatural #3 - No Chick Flick Moments

    As usual this Supernatural episode had some of the best quotes. I really liked Castiel working with Dean. I do prefer the guys working together though. I don't know how I feel about Sam being Lucifer's vessel. I'm looking forward to how that plays out however. I hope the Winchester's are...
  16. rockyshadow

    The Official Pet Thread pt2

    I have two dogs named Tru and Penny and taking care of them is a big deal to me. It always makes me very nervous when I take them to the vet. In a few weeks they're going to meet my brother's fiancee's dog and I'm very anxious about their reactions to him. They're only comfortable around...
  17. rockyshadow

    Danny/Lindsay #23: Because it is a big deal to us!

    I loved the Danny/Lindsay scenes last night. I'm definitely looking forward to more!
  18. rockyshadow

    Adam/AJ #2: The X-Factor - Must. Fight. Crime!

    I love the caps!
  19. rockyshadow

    Anna/Lindsay #6: Baby on Board!

    I loved Lindsay in the new episode. She was definitely one of my favorites last night. I really want her to get a great storyline this season too.