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    Episode 10x18 - 'Law & Disorder' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

    gotta love not having tv... so im late to the party once again... next episode summary is really wish i held off on this week's episode... i would rather watch the other part with it because cliffhangers absolutely kill me... by the way... did everyone hear that eva is probably leaving csi...
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    Episode 10x17 - 'At Risk' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

    i guess i looked away at the end... but i assumed the coach killed himself?
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    Episode 10x15 - 'No Good Deed' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

    The last part with Ryan was absolutely NOT funny.... i've been in his shoes before and it's not fun, nor cool, and it makes you feel like crap for a while... i wonder what he was writing down at the end... poor guy... overall, the episode was pretty good.. one of the better ones in the season...
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    Episode 10x14 - 'Last Straw' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

    somehow i felt like this plot was used before, down to the killer being a parental figure trying to protect their kid oh yeah... Stoned Cold when the parents killed a girl that bullied their kids at school... eh.. average episode...
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    Episode 10x13 - 'Terminal Velocity' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

    hate that i dont have cable now and cant view it until the day after.. the whole episode was creepy.... cant imagine going to the bathroom and look over to the person beside me and it's ME!!!!!!!
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    Episode 10x11 - 'Crowned' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

    some of the stuff on csi miami has made my stomach churn because of some graphic images..... but today i nearly barfed at the beginning...
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    Episode 10x09 -- 'A Few Dead Men' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

    I liked it... didn't love it or hate it.. But a Frank episode is a pleasant surprise.. very few episodes advances his character.. kinda knew at the beginning what the ending would look like... bit predictable and felt like i've seen this episode before..
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    10x06 - 'By the Book' - ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

    I hate halloween
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    Episode 10x2 - 'Stiff' - ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

    I like the members rotation for this episode... i think everyone had equal scenes with H having not as much as usual... overall it was just a typical episode... doesn't really add anything, even though the scene in the end was hilarious... Walter laughing to close out the episode is something...
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    Episode 9x22 - 'Mayday' - ***CONTAINS SPOILERS *** other news.. there is still an escape convict that has some prints :D
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    Episode 9x22 - 'Mayday' - ***CONTAINS SPOILERS ***

    anyone see The View with Eva? she said that there may be two people checking out... dont know if she was serious or if she just said it towards the audience... urhg...not enjoying this at the moment
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    Episode 9x22 - 'Mayday' - ***CONTAINS SPOILERS *** one's worried about H dying then...?
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    Ryan/Jon#29: Togo-licious

    but... Molly is eye candy to guys.. :P
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    Episode 9x18 About Face ****SPOILERS****

    am I the only one that thought right when Natalia freed herself that she shouldn't have attacked him? lie low and surprise him when the car is NOT moving... lol... ryan's such a lucky lucky guy... well... H didn't go Jack Bauer on the guy... even though he did kill and assaulted women... but...
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    Episode 9x17 - 'Special Delivery' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

    who's the blond chick that found the photo.... is she new? :lol: