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    **Spoiler Lab** You Know You Can't Resist!

    hey guys, i dont know if anyone saw these but there are some pictures from 7.24 on spoilertv sorry if this was already posted.... omg, it looks like a really awesome ep! i cant wait :-)
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    Eric and Calleigh #35 She's His Gal; He's Her Dude

    omg guys the cbs website just posted a sneek peak....and it has major e/c!!! :-)
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    Episode 7x18 - 'Flight Risk' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

    hey guys, just wanted to let yall know that cbs posted a sneak peek on the website! :)
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    Pin the Tail on the Birthday Thread #6

    Happy birthday, CSISenna! I hope it's a good one! :)
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    What's one thing you wish hadn't happened in CSI?

    I didn't like how Speedle got killed took me so long to get over that! :( I also didn't liked how they did the whole eric/natalia fling...never sat well with me so i'm glad they never followed through with it. whew.
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    Eric and Calleigh #34 - Heating up Miami

    i personally vote for 'she's his gal, he's her dude'....very cute thread title idea, luvs it! as far as E/C's relationship surfacing, I completely agree with Ginnna, i think stetler will find out on his own and it will go from there b/c let's face's not gonna be hard to miss all those...
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    Episode 7x17 - 'Divorce Party' *** CONTAINS SPOILERS***

    Hey guys, i dont know if this is already posted or not (sorry if it is) but there is a sneak peek of tonight's episode on the cbs website! it has calleigh and tara...looks good, i cant wait for tonight!:)
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    Caution: **Spoiler Lab** Ahead - Season 7

    this sounds like a really great, action-packed ep! i can't wait for Ron to get served by H...should be really good!
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    Eric and Calleigh #33: Will You Stay With Me?

    Thanks for posting the interview! :) ....i can stare at adam aaallll day :drool:
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    Eric and Calleigh #33: Will You Stay With Me?

    omg, all of these ideas on what happens is more than i can take! :lol: i'm gonna be up allllll night :) all i need now is a promo with (fingers crossed) some sweet moments where we can maybe hear what they might say. thats what i want to know the most!
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    Get Your CSI:Miami Pictures Here! ***Possible Season 8 Spoilers***

    Re: Get Your CSI:Miami Pictures Here! ***Possible Season 7 Spoilers*** this should hold me over until 716...*sigh* i cant stop looking at these pics :drool:
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    Eric and Calleigh #33: Will You Stay With Me?

    omg you're totally right about the way they are holding each other! wow, i didnt even think about that! this ep is gonna be the death of :-)