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    Eric/Greg: Leggo Our Greggo Thread #17

    A very happy birthday to Eric and a good season 13 for Greg!
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    Birthday Wishes To LV Stars #2

    A day late and a dollar short but nevertheless: Many happy returns of the day and all the best wishes to Eric Szmanda!
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    Birthday Wishes To LV Stars #2

    All the best wishes to Eric Szmanda and a Merry Birthday! :)
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    Eric/Greg Leggo our Greggo thread #11

    So our darling Birthday Boy has reached the age of Christ...! Wish everything would go well and luck be with him during that significant year. And first of all: more screentime in S9!
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    Birthday Wishes To LV Stars #2

    A wonderfully merry birthday to Eric Szmanda and many happy returns!
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    Which character...

    Greg!!! I can see him playing an air guitar already, and singing his heart out. But I must say that Hawkes comes second. I think him, Hammerback and Doc Robbins would make a smash hit band. Griss and Greg would sing, Mac could play bass and Warrick would be at the piano... tickets, please!
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    Your opinion: Top 10 of the best CSI episodes so far?!

    Hard to pick only 10 :) but will try my best. Haven't seen S8 and most of S7. 1. Rashomama (S6) 2. Play with Fire (S3) 3. Chasing the Bus (S2) 4. Caged (S2) 5. Kiss Kiss Bye Bye (S6) 6. Fannysmackin' (S7) 7. Viva Las Vegas (S5) 8. Table Stakes (S1) 9. 4x4 / Spark of Life / Who Shot Sherlock...
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    Grissom, Greg and Warrick, hands down. Plus Brass and Archie. But not one of the whole cast is chopped liver for me. I may hate someone (and oh, do I hate someone!) but they are all integral part of the show.
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    Who is world's favorite CSI character?

    My personal favourites: Greg! Grissom Sara Brass Warrick Doc Robbins (never thought I would say that:) Hodges (and last not least) Lady Heather
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    Are We Paying You By The Word? - The CSI Booklist

    Rookies as Municipal Sanitation Service : We'll Take Dung and Dumpsters, Thank You! by Lindsay Monroe and Greg Sanders
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    Birthday Wishes To LV Stars #2

    A luminously happy birthday to Eric Szmanda and all the best wishes! Lois O'Neill got it right - the best is yet to come!
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    Super Summer Showdown: FINAL ROUND!

    Greg and Brass all the way. Love Flack and Doc too, but...
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    Birthday Wishes To LV Stars #2

    Belated best wishes to Jorja! Happy everyday!
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    "Big Shots" Discussion Thread *SPOILERS*

    No idea why my quotation didn't come out correctly. No offence meant, Bine!
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    "Big Shots" Discussion Thread *SPOILERS*

    Agreed on the continuity thing but disagree on the assumption that everyone else deserves continuity before Greg. After all, TPTB owe him continuity since Season 3. I mean, being blown up, burnt and shocked enough to have your hands shaking weeks afterwards? That is no small business. And what...
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    Eric/Greg: Pic Thread 3--This Guy's Too Hot!

    Loved that scene and wondered about the "loud" too, but then English is not my native tongue. But I don't think it was meant to point at stinky feet because Greg's white socks were quite clean (for a full working day, at least). Couldn't it be related to the "strip forensics" business? Like "one...
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    what is your favourite Csi episode and favourite character

    Re: what is your favourite Csi episode and favourite charact LV character: Greg, Grissom, Sara LV epi: Scuba Doobie Doo, Organ Grinder, Chasing the Bus, Play With Fire, Viva Las Vegas... M character: Alexx, Ryan M epi: Nailed
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    Welcome To The LV Forum, Please Introduce Yourself!

    Hello, I am a newbie from Estonia, a confirmed CSI:LV lover and Greg addict. We are still on S5 though, so I have a lot to wait for. Haven't seen CSI:NY yet but hopeful for next year. I've been lurking here for quite a time until I finally decided to join your fantastic gang. :) (BTW we just...
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    Sara/Greg #8- "He Hasn't Given Up On Her Yet"

    Re: Sara/Greg #8- "He Hasn't Given Up On Her Yet" Yummy ;) Thanks again, Hestia! Oh, I would beg, steal or borrow for the Blue Hawaii... :devil:
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    Sara/Greg #8- "He Hasn't Given Up On Her Yet"

    Re: Sara/Greg #8- "He Hasn't Given Up On Her Yet" Thank you, Hestia ! My favourite Sandle Heaven is "Organ Grinder". And there have been other nice ones already pointed out. But I also liked the moment in "Down the Drain" with Sara's quip about Greg losing his virginity, meaning his first...