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    Editions and Printings of Books

    Thank-you very much for the help, I go back to school tomorrow, so I'll ask my librarian there. :)
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    Editions and Printings of Books

    I had a query that I was hoping someone may be able to help me with... I understand that every book has a printers key on the copyright page and that the lowest number shows what printing of the book it is, however, I have a Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets book with a number line that...
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    Exam Results..

    I'm only in year 10 but to facilitate the 'statistics' course and triple science, I took 'stats' this year..... I got an A! However, I don't know whether to be happy or not because for my stats coursework I got 2 marks off full, so I imagine that I received a B on the 2 1/2 hour exam to equal...
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    Icon Challenge #23: Scrubs - WINNERS UP!

    Re: Icon Challenge #23: Scrubs Well done you two! Your icons were really good. :D
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    Nick/Sara - - #21 - - Nick knows Kung Fu

    Long time, no speaky-speak eh? Looking forward to the new season- 'May it bring us many joyous moments of SNICKERS':lol: I'm also looking forward to see that manip, but I don't think it'll be too hard to make, considering 'the characters' in question are all over one another anyway. I'm now...
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    Icon Challenge #23: Scrubs - WINNERS UP!

    Re: Icon Challenge #23: Scrubs 1.10 2.19 3.05 I had a hard time of choosing though! :D
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    HP And The Deathly Hallows ~ * BEWARE MAJOR SPOILERS*

    I absolutely LOVED Lupin, he was my absolute favourite character, so when they just killed him off and gave no explanation as to who did it, I just shouted out, "noooooooo!" I also read about the magic being developed later in life, so I was confused about what J.K. Rowling was talking about...
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    Spiderman 3

    I'm actually quite looking forward to when this movie comes out in cinemas! :D I heard that Topher Grace really 'bulked and muscled up' apparently. My brother who's quite into Marvel stuff was like, "Topher Grace is NOTHING like Venom!" Then I told him to do some research, he saw some pics and...
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    Spetzli in Oktober(fest) <> German thread

    My Granddad still holidays in Germany, but not as much as he used to; I guess that's where my initial interest came from. My ability to speak german is very limited because I only started learning last year compared to my 4 years of learning french. I know just little phrases by heart e.g "Ich...
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    Have you ever dissected an animal? [like in biology class?]

    Re: Have you ever dissected an animal? [like in biology clas I dissected my first pig's kidney last week in triple science! I was so proud of myself because I get really squeamish and always faint when it comes to blood, arteries, veins and the heart. However, I was absolutely fine with the...
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    What scares you the most in life?

    I'm afraid of the indubitableness of the inevitable, mostly because deep down I don't believe in heaven and hell, even though I want to, because then there's a fragment that I may still exist after I'm 'gone'. Since I only fear what will always eventually come to pass, I'm not particularly...
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    Spetzli in Oktober(fest) <> German thread

    Anna suits me just fine, but lets just make sure there isn't someone else who's known as Anna too. :D I also happen to be studying Shakespeare, so that's ANOTHER link :lol: Romeo and Juliet to be exact.
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    The British and Irish Thread

    When Sir Terry Wogan was presenting he got the result wrong saying that the winner was Cyndi, and all the confetti started falling, then co-presenter Fearne Cotton was like; "Scooch, it's Scooch!" I got really angry because I thought either Big Brovas or Hawkins & Brown should've won, but they...
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    Spetzli in Oktober(fest) <> German thread

    Can I join in? My only links to Germany are; my Granddad has been there many times (speaks a little german) and I take the language as a GCSE; so far I'm a grade A in the first modular test I took for my exams. I'd also like to have a more knowledgable grasp of german culture. So am I allowed...
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    The British and Irish Thread

    Happy Saint Patrick's day everbody! :D The contestants for MYMU are: Liz Maclarnon, Justin Hawkins & Beverlei Brown, Brian Harvey, Scooch, Big Brovaz and Cyndi (<--no I haven't spelt her wrong :lol:). The "making your mind up" programme starts at 7:30pm on BBC2 (I think). My favourites to win...
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    Red Hair, Leprechauns and too much Tipple!- Irish Thread

    Does it count if you're half Northern Irish (on my Dad's side)? If so, count me in! :D Anyone watch the rugby last Sunday with Ireland VS. Scotland match? I'm not really into watching sport but I made a special occasion of watching it with my Dad that day. For those that missed it; Ireland won...
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    Tea and Scones ~ english thread

    I watched the Brits too; almost made me feel ashamed to be British.... There were apparently lots of complaints made to OFCOM about Brand's comments, I myself didn't find them very funny either. All the british artists were smashed with alcohol and all the other artists looked on embarassed. :(...
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    Cake, Candles & Confetti ~ Birthday Thread #3

    I'd just like to say a big thankyou to all those who wished me Happy Birthday back on thread 8; I couldn't come online for obvious reasons. :lol: Happy Birthday SpeedDemon and Adzix! I hope you have you both have a great one. :D
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    What Are You Reading? - #2

    'Elsewhere' by Gabrielle Zevin. I thought the idea was good but it felt like the author was rushing it at the end; the style it was written in was quite different so it drew me in. I recommend it for anyone looking for a good read and doesn't mind reading about matter of life, death and love. :)...
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    Nick/Sara -- #20 -- The Adventures of Poncho and Sunshine

    Re: Nick/Sara -- #20 -- The Adventures of Poncho and Sunshin I think that I owe you guys an apology; I haven't really been onto the Snickers thread lately, so I just wanna say I'm sorry. Back onto topic: In my GCSE Child Development class we studied abuse and how it affects the child a couple...