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    Artists/Bands you think no one's heard of

    I don't think anyone has heard of 'The Nines' they played at my Aunties Wedding they were great, but are only a small group, with only 4 members.
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    Grade 'Nothing For Something'

    I loved this epsiode it has a lot of action and I found the science excellent and interesting. I cannot wait for the season finale it looks great.
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    CSI Books #2

    I have many CSI books which i have read. Brass in Pocket Nevada Rose Binding Ties Grave Matters My favourite has to be Nevada Rose becuase it's very interesting and has a twisting plot which kept me hooked on every page I could not put it down. I loved it.
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    Favourite Character of CSI:NY ;)

    I would have to say my Fav. character is Stella The Jo becuase she is funny and cool. I basically love the show it rocks.
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    Internet Terms Help ~ Updated 16th March 2006

    I am not sure people just keep saying whm. Please just tell what you think it could be and I will attempt to apply it to the situation. Thanks <3
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    Best Revision Methods

    I have a few upcoming exams in English Language Paper 1 and 2 sections A and B Religious Studies Science Biology Physics Chemistry Geography - Physical Food Technology A522 I have been revising by reading though all my notes which does not really work. So I was wondering what are the ways you...
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    What Books Are You Reading?-#3

    Re: What Are You Reading?-#3 I have just started to read some Doctor Who books called Winner takes all and The clockwork man. They are amazing I love Doctor Who as well as CSI.
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    Internet Terms Help ~ Updated 16th March 2006

    Could anyone possibly help me by telling me what MHM means?
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    Stella/Melina #7 'Cause everything sounds better in Greek

    I am so glad they did not kill Stella off, that would have been a terrible loss, she has so many exiting storylines and brings life and action to the CSi Crime Lab. I really hope she like Catherine will come back to CSI even just for a few episodes.
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    You Know You Watch Too Much CSI: NY When... [#2]

    You know you watch too much CSI NY when you use scientific terms your teacher nor anyone ever expected you to know. Or that could be becuase I love science but I got some names from CSI like SLS sodium lauryl sulphate and you can name the elements that make up certain substances.
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    Who is your least favorite character?

    I would have to say Flack and Hawkes they just don't seem to fit in. Especially Hawkes he just seems to be there like a tag a long. Flack just to me does not get enough good material maybe if he got some better lines that would possible improve it for me. Lindsay however does not bother me she...
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    The future of the CSI franchise--Will all 3 series get another season?

    Re: The future of the CSI franchise--Will all 3 series get another sea I think they are all amazing and should all continue as i would watch them. They show is great the actors are great, everything is great. However I think if they were going to cut one of the 3 or drop the franchise totally...
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    The Last Movie You Saw - Thread 4

    I last watched Grown ups for like the 10th time it's sooo funny. It never gets old I just spend the entire time in stiches. Even After in the middle of town i just remeber funny bits and burts out laughing. People give me the 'Wierdo' look but I don't care i get it a lot anyway. :D Honestly, I...
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    What's Your Favorite Smart Phone App?

    Well, I do not have a smart phone but I have an iPod touch which is basically the same. My favourite apps are: The biometric finger scanners Angry Birds Comics Jokes
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    Criminal Minds #4: We Take Care Of Our Own!

    Great news to hear JJ is coming back :bolian: it was a great loss when she left. I do think that Ashley Seaver is a great new addition to the team as a replacement for Prentiss, whom i hope will come back :) Criminal Minds is another one of my favourite programmes next to CSI. However i do not...
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    Season 7 Spoiler Discussion part 2 - Fighting Crime In Gotham

    I love all these little sneak previews of the final episodes. I think CSI NY is the best CSI and cannot wait for the season finale, they are always excellent and action packed. Great work :D