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  1. Gremine

    Eric/Greg: Leggo Our Greggo Thread #16

    Right now, you are my hero blackflag.Thanks a lot;) I loved to see the boys having fun watching CSI. Great commentary :D They should do it again !
  2. Gremine

    "Hitting for the Cycle" **SPOILERS**

    Me too :D The promo reminded me of Appendicitement a little. At least it is nice to see the boys having some fun interaction again.
  3. Gremine

    Riley/Lauren Lee Smith

    It's a Canadian show on CTV The Listener but i saw it online in somewhere else :p You can find some other infos on the link, i don't know much either.
  4. Gremine

    Eric/Greg: Leggo Our Greggo Thread #16

    Greg was like a full-automatic CSI this week. He did his job, Archie's job, Bobby's job... And he run. Run Greg run, nobody can stop you! My fave scene is his scene with Cath of course. Btw, i didn't notice his finger too once again
  5. Gremine

    Riley/Lauren Lee Smith

    A little info. I was watching a tv show ''The Listener'' and saw Lauren Lee. It is a new show i guess. It's about a paramedic who can listen people's minds and helps people :P Lauren Lee plays a cop. I almost didn't recognize her with short hair. I am not sure about the show but glad to see she...
  6. Gremine

    'CSI' Gets A Visit From Louise Lombard

    I need to say that i feel the same since A Kiss BeforeFrying episode. Anyway i am glad Sofia , the tough but classy lady is coming back to kick some ass!
  7. Gremine

    Louise/Sofia: A Lady With Attitude Part IV

    :cool: Hehe the fake rumours finally became true. She was tough.
  8. Gremine

    Season 11 "Spoiler Lab" Discussion Part 4

    Sofia is coming back? I like the woman. She was always like an outsider. Seriously thinking all the Nate thing, how the guy escaped, how he cheated... Somebody should slap the facts and if that somebody would be Sofia it makes sense to me. I am not ok to see another Nate-Ray story is in the...
  9. Gremine

    Eric/Greg: Leggo Our Greggo Thread #16

    How would i write him out? I guess i would blow up the whole lab while nobody is inside :guffaw: And finally it would be Greg's choice to leave.The others wouldn't be able to work in the lab without Greg and they would leave the lab too of course. End of the show! :lol: Seriously if he will...
  10. Gremine

    Eric/Greg Szmokin' Hot Pic Thread #12

    Man, you talked like a true CSI :D Btw, yes gorgeus pic :luvlove:
  11. Gremine

    "Turn On, Tune In, Drop Dead" Discussion *Spoilers*

    Yes exactly. Not only Flatliners, also reminded me of Fringe. The mad scientist of the week was a lot like the mad scientist in Fringe i think.:p Sometimes the episode is better than the preview and like now, sometimes the episode doesn't give you what you saw on the preview. At least i saw...
  12. Gremine

    Eric/Greg: Leggo Our Greggo Thread #16

    Yeah construction worker... Then they would write an article about ''the sexy spiky-haired construction worker'' on CSI :guffaw:
  13. Gremine

    Wallace/Hodges: Full Experience #3

    :beer: Except CSI, i only saw him in Little Miss Sunshine. I wasn't going to watch the movie but when i saw Wallace i thought the movie should be interesting and funny, thinking Hodges in CSI :D Great movie btw...
  14. Gremine

    Eric/Greg: Leggo Our Greggo Thread #16

    I didn't see it before; at least it is new to me, thanks for the link Smokey. The article says Eric Szmanda is 29 . He is 36 now. Do the math :p Nice article. Eric Szmanda; the guy who shows the people all around the world the lab guys on tv can be sexy! :beer:
  15. Gremine

    Eric/Greg: Leggo Our Greggo Thread #16

    Yeah right, i also want to know what happened to Secret Fun Time.The Great Dope Ass Warrior is still fresh in my mind :lol: The guy starts a new project and then puffff... That's like a pattern :(
  16. Gremine

    Wallace/Hodges: Full Experience #3

    Ok here i am. I don't know why but Hodges is growing on me this season. Yes, i admit i guess i like him ! I mostly find/found him annoying but i guess his weirdness has finally found a place in my heart in a weird way and it makes me feel weird :lol: His behaviours seem so natural this...
  17. Gremine

    Eric/Greg: Leggo Our Greggo Thread #16

    He doesn't even use his twitter account.It seems he wants to keep his personal life personal to me and i like him more when he did it but it doesn't mean he doesn't want more screentime or to do something involving CSI. He always gives some fun and smart answers in his intersomethings.So he...
  18. Gremine

    "Targets of Obsession" Discussion *SPOILERS*

    Good to see Cath and Brass. Cathy and Varty ; they are cute together... The episode was fun in some ways but not better than the last week i think. The weak point is Haskell in my humble opinion. The guy was really creepy at first but 'to see him with a suit inside in a glass trying to mess up...
  19. Gremine

    Eric/Greg: Leggo Our Greggo Thread #16

    That scene was great. He stopped them in a very Gregish way . I like him for that. The scene is ironic, the two people with gun couldn't stop the guys but Greg did it spontaneously. :D